Monday, August 3, 2009

The charcoal deal improves...

Not only is there a $3 FLip available right now, but next week's sale ad says the charcoal is on sale for $7.99. Stack that FLip with the $3 mq for a bag of charcoal that costs $1.99. If you're lucky enough to have the $4 off q, you can get that charcoal for $.99!!

Don't forget, if they're all out of charcoal (likely, especially at my store! LOL!) Get a RAINCHECK!! Many stores will allow you to use expired q's with your raincheck if the q's were valid when the raincheck was issued. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask.

So it looks like this:
1 Kingsford Charcoal $7.99
1 pork $1xx
1 beef $2xx
1 KC Masterpiece $1.99
Total: $12.98

$3/1 mq + $3/1 FLip
$6/1 pork wyb Charcoal and participating product (KC Masterpiece here)
$2/1 beef wyb charcoal Food Lion tearpad
$free KC Masterpiece wyb Charcoal
-Total: $15.99

Profit: $3.02

If you have other conjunction q's, you can throw those in too, like the reynolds wrap wyb charcoal, or $2/1 pork ribs wyb KC Masterpiece Food Lion tearpad, etc.


  1. .99 cent charcoal...I'm so excited!

    I seriously need to go to Walmart and buy ink. I've been putting it off, but this is serious, lol.

  2. After the last charcoal deal was over, and I was sick of pork chops, I started wondering if it would be possible to use the $6 off pork Q for bacon. What do you think? Bacon is pork!

  3. Jenny, yes I think so. It only says "the other white meat" which is any pork. Even lunchmeat like ham or bologna. Heck, even sausage. I have been looking for the cheapest thing, so I was having the butcher split the small chops, but I think it is totally legal and within the wording of the coupon to get any pork item.

  4. excited that charcoal is even cheaper now! we actually do use it, although i'm pretty sure we'll have too much after i'm done with it this week! found the pork coupon again on another site, but i can't remember where right now!!

  5. Stacey- yay! You'll have to let me know if you remember where you saw it. :)

  6. so, do you have to actually buy 6 $ work of pork? or just a pork product?

  7. I cant get the $6 pork Coupon. Any advice? It said the site was under construction.

  8. found it!!

  9. oh and i went today, all set to do the charcoal deal and realized i'd forgotten my charcoal flip!

    kinda glad now though since there is a kc masterpiece bbq flip! not like i really need bbq sauce tho! i'm givin it away like crazy!!

  10. Amelia- if your store gives you overage, you can buy a cheap pork item and use the overage of that q for other things (just like with any other q). :) The last time I did this deal, I did 6 deals and had the butcher break a 6-pack of the lean chops into individual packages so they would ring up separately. Each one was around $.67. LOL.

    Cheap- Iheartpublix has a link. :) oh- Stacey posted the link for us. (see above)

    Stacey- oh no! Yeah, I know what you mean, I've been giving away bbq sauce to everyone. heh. DH has been enlisted to take a bag and put it in the breakroom at work- free to whonever wants it.