Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anyone spare some Chef Michaels coupons?

So does anyone have any $3/1 Chef Michaels coupons from last week's insert they won't be using and can spare for my doggies?

My doggies thank you.


  1. If you go to and enter your zip and get an insurance quote for your dog they send you a quote and a coupon in your email for $3.00 off ANY Purina dog food. I did it on 2 computers in my house and was able to get multiple coupons!! And I used it at Target with their CM Coupons and scored 4 free bags of dog food!!! Hope this helps!!

  2. Thanks :) I have already reached my print limit on this one and the $3.50 printable. :( I will probably end up buying some of these off EBay, but I know a lot of people don't have pets and use the pet coupons- so I thought I'd throw it out there! (rather than recycle some good coupons!) :D

  3. I don't have pets, so you are welcome to mine if I got them in my insert (I'm in south Florida). Before you pay for them, let me check tonight once I get home from work. You said from last week, so I'm assuming it was Aug 23rd. Is that right?
    I'd be happy to help you out since I just love your blog and appreciate all the work you do for your readers! :) Kate

  4. Thanks Kate and Stacey! Kate, yes, it was from the 8/23 insert (I think Smartsource, but I'm not looking at it right this moment, so it could be RedPlum) :) I am pretty sure it was a nationwide coupon and not regional.

  5. I have six of them just email me with info if you still want them.

  6. Christa- Thanks! Do I have your email address? *headscratch* I can't seem to find it. you can email me at

    Thanks so much!