Monday, August 3, 2009

Great Kashi coupons!

Some new great Kashi coupons available at (see my link box to the left to get there to print them). There are still unexpired Target printables for these to stack with. Perhaps another Kashi deal is around the corner?

Mmmm Kashi.

There are also a whole bunch of printables for General Mills products and Betty Crocker. Word on the street is that these will be in a big upcoming mega-event at Kroger, so go ahead and print the good ones before they're gone!


  1. Don't like Kashi, but thanks for the heads-up on the GM and BC. Gotta go buy the ink tomorrow I reckon.

  2. Hey! I'm also in TN! Rhea County specifically. I'm visiting from Cheap&Sweet's blog. Congrats on the award!