Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Publix list

Ok, ok :)

Here is my list as it stands right now (I had to retype all this, so it's not perfect, but maybe will help those of you shopping today or tomorrow before I post)

For each transactin that has something "healthy", I'm throwing in a $1/1 Guiding Stars FLip (since Food Lion will let me do different transactions in one visit, and you can use one per transaction there).

2 Kingsford charcoal 7.99/ea
-$3 FLip
-$4 mq (thank you MEL!!!)
2 KC Masterpiece $1.99/ea
-Free wyb charcoal mq
-$1/2 FLip
2 pork $1/ea
-$6 pork mq
-$1/1 Guiding Stars FLip (only one- beacuse really, I could throw a ton of these in, but that's not fair since FL will only take one per transaction)
2 beef $5 (total)
-$2/beef wyb charcoal (tearpad found at Food Lion)
-$1/5 FLip
2 Morningstar $3.79/ea
-$2/Mornginstar wyb Charcoal
-$2/2 Target q

This transaction should make a profit of $7.xx each time I do it (depending on how many bags of charcoal they have)

Then here are the other things

Crest 1.89
-$1/1 Publixq from Living Well flyer
-$.50/1 mq 8/2 insert
Kraft shredded cheese $1.67/ea
-$1/1 ip mq from
Starbucks Ice Cream 3.79 bogo (raincheck)
-$2/1 mq
-$2/1 FLip (expired, they ran out of my flavor when I bought the others last week, so I will be able to use it with the remainder of the raincheck)
Cottonelle tp $5.99
-$1/1 mq
Florida shrimp $6.99/lb
-no q's
Crisco Olive Oil $6.49 bogo
-$1/1 mq
Kellogg's Yogos [I am buying ten and sending in for Fuel for School Rebate]
-$.50/1 ipq from
bread $1.xx
-$2/bread wyb Kelloggs Yogos mq (Thanks Mel!!)
Lays Chips $3.99 bogo
-$.50/1 mq (someone sent this to me, I have no idea where it came from)
-B2G1 tearpad mq (found at gas station)
-$1/produce wyb chips tearpad (thanks Mel!)
-$1/produce wyb chips tearpad
-$1/1 targetq
Fresh Express salad mix
-$1/produce wyb chips tearpad mq
-$1/1 FLip
Honey Bunches of Oats Pecans $3.99 bogo
-$2/1 mq ip
{-$.75/1 Upromise "coupon"}
Earth's Best Baby Food $.99 bogo
-$1/10 mq ip
1 Gallon Publix Greenwise Milk $4.99
-$4/Free milk wyb 100 groceries
-$1/1 Publix Greenwise milk Publix coupon
1 Half Gallon chocolate Milk
-$3.75/Free chocolate milk wyb white milk

Then I will be on the lookout for Sundown Vitamins and Covergirl items for moneymakers for a few other things we need. Since these are the moneymakers, I may not be able to find them. There's suddenly an influx of couponers at my store and these are hard to come by (not to mention I haven't seen the Vtamin D $2.99 in stock at my store in ages, even when the Publix coupon wasn't available). I may *gasp* have to shop at another store to get these things.


  1. Your welcome, and Thank you for posting your shopping list. I was going to post that I needed you to tell me what to buy this week...I just ain't feeling it this week for some reason.

    One of my problems is I need to do ALOT of charcoal deals, but I seem to be down to one Publix to do them, unless I travel to foreign Publix's. I sure do hate to do that. Usually run into trouble like I did that one new one I just tried to start shopping at.
    But my favorite Publix doesn't take Food Lion q's anymore.

  2. I stopped by the new Antioch Publix, because it's just slightly out of the way when I head to my parent's in is beeeeaaauutiful! :o)

    I was able to score 4 of the Sundown Vitamin D's (I can't seem to ever find them either!) and they had TONS of charcoal!

    I didn't see any coupon booklets throughout the store yet, but they did have lots of the Greenwise mag with the $.50 Apple and Eve q (I'm up to my ears in those, but don't have any more store q's!!).

    Don't forget the new KC bbq sauce FLIP! didn't see that listed in your transaction plan! :o)

  3. Brandy, Jason went to Maryland Farms to do a charcoal deal today and they are all out of charcoal. You might want to call before you go shopping tomorrow to make sure they have it in stock.

  4. Mel- this week was a light week, until I saw the charcoal was on sale. So that is awesome. :) Sorry you can't find good stores to shop at! Thanks again for the q's. I really, REALLY appreciate them!

    Stacey- I need to check out that store! Where is it? It might very well be on my way from my grandparents to the MF store I normally shop at.

    Kel- thanks. I actually did call yesterday and they said they were out. Sandy said a truck was coming Friday night, so if I can't find any tomorrow, I may go back down there this weekend/Monday. :)

  5. Jason told me that they never keep charcoal in stock. One time he waited two weeks for them to restock. They just don't keep up with it. We should go and talk to customer service and ask them to keep it stocked daily. :)

    PS - Just saw that the Benefiber sticks are $2.50 each and there is a $2.00/1 Q in the 5/10 SS and the 7/12 SS insert.

  6. I actually talked to one of the assoc. managers when I was in last time b/c the shelves were cleaned out. He was stocking something else on the aisle so I was asking him if there was any in the back. He checked (there wasn't) and I told him there were some really good deals going on and that he should consider placing larger orders.

  7. The new store is down Murfreesboro Road, South of Bell isn't more than a couple miles down on the right...If u were coming from down from 24 head away from the Mall (yucky as it is!) towards Murfreesboro and take a right!

    There was tons of charcoal there...I haven't checked out Concord Rd or Nipper's Corner since the new sale cycle but will be heading there tomorrow to at least one, maybe both so I can let u know if they have charcoal! The Nipper's Corner one would be less out of the way if u are going to MF anyways!

    I also emailed Publix about the shortage of several Sundown Vitamins (basically anything under $4- I've only found some once or twice!) for months now, hoping they'll do something about it!!

    Maybe emailing about charcoal would help too! With that being a good price without coupons (well good if you don't coupon!!), they should have more anyways!!

  8. What did he say to your request to have him place larger orders? Any response?

  9. Thanks Stacey- I appreciate it! I even tried placing a special order for Vit D a few weeks ago and I still haven't heard anything. I will plan to make a run by the Antioch store to check it out. I've been wanting to see it anyway ;) The last time I found cheap Sundown was at the Belle Meade store during the last sale cycle, and there were only about 5 bottles. When I lived in Antioch (about three years ago) I shopped at Nippers Corners, but that was pre-couponing. :) I also shopped the Concord store. The manager (at the time) was SUPER nice! He actually had transferred from the store I shopped at in GA when I lived there (about a mile from our house there). Small world.

    Kel- he said a truck was coming in the next day and apologized, that was about it. I didn't know at the time it was going on sale or I definitely would have said, hey, order at least 20 bags! (This was a medium-height bald guy with glasses, I don't know his name)

  10. I went to the belle meade store last night. They had probably had 5-6 bags of charcoal on shelf. They were out of HBO w/pecans. The fiber one muffins were not included if you planned to get them. They also had plenty of cheap sundown vitamins-less than $4, folic acid, melatonin, B6, B12, mag/cal/zinc. Also, check the expiration date on the yogos. I got home last night and my expire bad is that. Good thing I only bought two.

  11. Amelia, you can eat out of date yogurt for up to two months past the expiration date. My husband used to work at a salvage grocery store and he told me that it is good for a long time after the date because of the milk sugars (so long as you don't open it until you're ready to eat it). Just an FYI...

  12. I'm not sure if the yogos count as yogurt or not, since they're yogurt, but also yogurt surrounding fruit chewy things. I do know that the "date" on a lot of things is actually "sell by" date and not "expiration date". And my dh drinks lots of "expired/past sell by" things (he works for Pepsi and they have a lot of product pulled and in the warehouse to be destroyed, so the drivers end up taking a lot of it. LOL. destroyed in their tummies. :D It's not bad- doesn't even taste funny. Some f those things probably last a lot longer than the expiration on them.

    Kelly- I talked to Eric yesterday and explained that there was a really good deal on charcoal going on, and that he should check his quantities and increase the orders on it. He thanked me for letting him know and said he was "going to do it right now". So hopefully once that is in the system we'll see more of it in stock.

  13. I have a question, which publix in the nashville area accepts Rite aid coupons??

  14. I shop at the Maryland Farms store, pretty much exclusively and have been able to use the $5/$25 Rite Aid q there.