Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My apologies to Kroger

I take it back. I am no longer mad at you for your false advertising of the P&G sale.

I LOVE that you are tripling in Nashville to compete with HT. HT's rules are ridiculous and hard to keep up with. I would much rather spend my money and my coupons at your store.

Thank you- and I'll see you soon.


  1. It's good to know that your wrath doesn't last very long.

  2. I know for sure that the Nipper's Corner ones and the one right by HT on Franklin Rd in Brentwood is....I was soooo upset over my trip to was PACKED!! I have never seen more couponers at one time, shelves were wiped clean, and I literally found ONE thing that I wanted. Lines were too long so I just left, called Kroger down the road, as I was already headed that way and I was sooooo happy to hear the news!

    I had a baaad morning already and off to a slow start, so it was lovely to be able to wander around the aisles of Kroger getting the things I wanted and checking prices on other things!

    I hit the two stores 4 times today (counting one trip with the hubby, and they weren't out of anything!! Who knows after news spreads, but the last times they've done it they were much better than HT at restocking!

    So I agree...thanks Kroger! And thanks HT for causing another store to offer up a much better shopping experience than yours! :o)

    (I too spoke harsh words about Kroger recently in regards to their refusal to accept some of my p&g coupons because they said "limit one per transaction!" uggggh!)

  3. Kelly- lol, well, I am easy to please. What can I say?

    Stacey- that's awesome. The other benefit is that Kroger is not nearly as pricey as HT! I am gathering my coupons now. :)

  4. oops....i stated my recent problem with kroger wrong...they were arguing that my coupons said one per purchase and they thought that meant one per transaction! thus the reason for my frustration! all is forgiven with triples!!

  5. I do like to go to Kroger for the Manager Specials on fruit and meat. I have found some awesome deals in the organic section as well. Now that Publix has stolen my heart, Kroger is just my "acquaintance". Lol! But, I must say that tripling coupons would definitely step up my affair with them!

  6. Bethany I agree with you. Plus, the Kroger is only about three minutes from me, and Publix is an hour from me! But the triples are also an hour away...I will definitely go though. Worth it, you know?

  7. I am glad you are no longer mad ad Kroger, but I still am. I refuse to go there until they train their baggers how to pack the eco-friendly, resuable bags I bring in PROPERLY!
    I have had eggs crushed, fruit bruised and bread mushed beyond recognition...
    I would be more like Bethany and have Kroger as an acquaintance, but right now they are a cheating lover!

  8. Lisa, you make an excellent point. Luckily, our baggers are pretty good about getting the items in there correctly. Maybe because they're mostly college students. LOL. Ironic since I live in a pretty un-environmentally-aware city.