Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's all about the timing

Had a great trip today. Z had a well-baby appointment and we were actually early- so early that I decided to shop before his appointment instead of after, like I usually do. So we went in and zoomed through. Of course by the time we left, we were then late, but hey, what are you gonna do? I also was rushing and forgot several things, so I went back after the appointment to get a few more items. This time, I scored HUGE on Covergirl clearance. The first time we were in the clearance section was sparsely populated with a few random decorations. When I went back in it was slam-packed with Method items, rechargable Duracell batteries (still kicking myself for not getting those) and...Covergirl! Marked to $2.00 so great for the coupons out.
After our second trip to Publix, I ran over to Target to get dog food (free) since unfortunately Publix is not yet carrying the smaller bags of dry Chef Michaels.

Trip 1
I purchased ice to go in my cooler, and I thught I had a large bag, but when I got to the car, realized it was a small bag. When I went back for trip #2, I had them reimburse me for the difference- $1.72. With that $ back, this transaction came out -$.76. In addition, I needed the Spot Shot, and I found one with a Try Me Free tag, so I will get reimbursed $5.49 for that rebate.
**I think there were at least three coupons that got missed, but since I was already in the negative, I didn't worry about double checking to have it corrected. In the long run, when it comes to a coupon here and a coupon there, I figure it evens out. I occasionally accidentally give them one for something I didn't get (by accident! Never on purpose!) and occasionally they will miss scanning one or two. Unless it really affects my total (either way, my fault or theirs) I don't worry about it.
1 Purina Friskies 3.00
-$3/1 Publixq + $3.50/1 mq ip = -$3.50
2 Mrs Paul's Fish filets 3.99/ea
-$3.00 mq ip + $1/1 Publixq= -$.01
9 Ritz Crackers $3.79 bogo
-$1/1 mq ip, $1/2 mq = $.90-$1.40/ea
9 Ritz Crackerfuls $2.69
-Free mq wyb Ritz= Free
2 Egglands Eggs $2.00
-$.35/1 mq = $1.30/ea
2 Tombstone pizzas $5.79 bogo (raincheck)
-$1/2 mq= $4.79/2
2lb bananas $1.32
-$.50/1 Target q = $.82
2 Hunt's Crushed Tomatoes $1.50/ea
-no q's
2 Lysol Neutra-Air $3.59 bogo
-$1.50/1 mq = $.59/2
1 Spot Shot trigget $5.49
-$2/1 mq = $3.49
2 Gerber Fruit Puffs $2.19/ea
-$.55/1 mq + $1/2 Target q = $2.28/2
8 Velveeta & cheese cups $1.19/ea
-$1.50/2 mq ip + Bogo mq = $.52/ea
3 Ritz Toasted Chips $3.39 bogo
-$1/1 mq = $.69/ea
22 Cereal cups $1/ea
-$1/1 Targetq + $1/2 mq = -$11.00
4 Honey Nut Cheerios cups $1/ea
-$1/1 Targetq + $.55/1 mq = -$2.20
6 McCormick Grinders $1.99 bogo
-$1/1 mq= Free
2.85lb onions $3.68
-no q's
18 Sundown Vitamins $3.59-$3.99/ea
-$5/2 mq + $6/2 Publixq= -$28.28
1 Celery $1.29
-no q's
1 bag ice $3.29
-no q's
1 Reese's Whips bar $.89{to get positive total}
-no q's
Used $5/25 comp q
Total food tax: $9.81
Total non-food tax: $4.05
Total oop: $.96
Total savings: $253.43 (99.6%)

After rebate, this transaction will be a $6.25 profit.

Trip #2
Transaction 1
2 Publix Hot Dog buns $1.17/ea
-no q's
2 Doritos $3.99 bogo
-no q's
2 Orville Redenbacher Simply Salted $2.99 bogo
-$1/1 mq= $.99/2
6 Kotex $2.77 bogo (raincheck)
-$1/1 mq + $2/1 Target q= -$9.69 {I think one of my comp. q's didn't get entered though...}
2 Daisy Sour Cream $1.50/ea {in-store special}
-no q's
5 Black Beans $.83/ea
-no q's
1 Fresh Express Salad $2.50
-no q's
Used $5/$25
Used $2 +$4 rr's
Total food tax: $1.11
Total non-food tax: $.21
Total oop: $.99
Total savings: $38.13 (97%)

Transaction #2
8 Covergirl make-up items {clearance} $2/ea
-$2/1 Publixq + $2.50/2 mq = -$10.00
2 Fresh Express Salad $2.50/ea
-no q's
1 8th Continent Soy Milk $2.50
-Free mq = Free
1 Bolthouse Farms Mocha Frappuchino $3.00 {In-store special}
-no q's
1.35lb Green Bell Peppers $2.28
-no q's
2 Nasoyah Silken tofu $2.99 bogo {In store special}
-no q's
1 Minced garlic $1.99
-no q's
1 Cascade Rinse Aid $3.49
-Free mq= Free
1 Milky Way $1.39 {to get positive total}
-no q's
Used $5/$25 comp. q
Used $4 rr
Total food tax: $.67
Total non-food tax: $1.94
Total oop: $.26
Total savings: $76.06 (99.7%)

Grand Total: $.49
Total Savings: $367.62 (99.9%)

Then I went to Target to get the dog food. I also had some things to exchange. I had two Kashi cereal cups I purchased that were expired when I bought them, and a box of Special K red berries that, when I opened the box, the plastic was already open. (!) I wanted to do an even exchange for those items. The CS associate rang it all up and said, I can just give you cash back if you want. Um, ok. Since I am stocked up to me eyebrows in cereal, I figured cash back was good.
So I started my trip with -$4.62

4 5lb bags Chef Michaels dry dog food $4.49/ea
-$3/1 mq + $1.50/1 Targetq = -$.04
4 cans Chef Michaels dog food $.89/ea
-$bogo mq + $bogo Targetq= Free
2 Progresso Minestrone soup $.98/ea {clearance}
-no q's
Total tax: $1.42
Total oop: $3.34
Total savings: $21.56 (85%)

Grand Total: -$1.28

p.s. My dogs LOVE the Chef Michaels food.


  1. Where did you find the $1/1 Ritz IPs?

  2. I have the $3.50 purina q, where does one find the $3 publix Q?

  3. Jennifer- the Ritz ip's are no longer available- I printed them during the first round of Kraft coupons that were released back in (July?) and the Smartsource versions didn't expire until 8/31 (I had been holding onto them hoping for a bogo!)

    Drenn- I got the $3/1 Publix q from a pet coupon booklet I picked up at Publix in GA. I sort of stumbled across them (I think it's called Savings for All Seasons)- I never saw them here in TN unfortunately. I was visiting a friend and we went to Publix near her and spotted them.

  4. Oh I also had a few Ritz cracker mq's from a tearpad I found at Food Lion.

  5. Hey I saw this while surfing for deals...and thought it might be something that you might like to get involved in!

    Keep up the great work, I love your posts!!


  6. Thanks for the link Lacy! I'll check it out! :)