Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making my list and checking it twice (or 47 times?)

I am working on my Publix list and so far, here are some things that are on it ... (forgive me, my posts are going to be random b/c my computer is on the blink and I'm using the laptop which has NONE of my things on it). argh.

-10 Kellogg's yogos (use $.50/1 Redplum ipq) and send in for Fuel for School $10 rebate; then use the $2/bread wyb yogos for free bread
-Charcoal Deals! (I am hoping my store got smart and ordered lots of charcoal for the deal this week, I could get a raincheck, but there are things I want this week that are on sale)
-Post Honey Bunches Pecans (Free after coupon from Post site)
-Crest toothpaste (overage after $.50 8/2 PG coupon stacked with $1/1 Living Well NED q)
-earth's best baby food (because it's the only kind my son likes) with a $1/10 q and the bogo sale
-Cottonelle (use $.50/1 ipq and a $1/1 mq from All You) - we're running low on tp. I can't keep it stockpiled.
-Lay's chips. Because...they're on sale. And I have a coupon for $1/produce wyb Lays chips. :D (thank you mel!!)

I am wondering if the Baked Lays will be included this time. Anyone know?


  1. Brandy, I just got back from my shop. The Baked Lays are not included. They ring up for $3.79. I bought some anyway because I really wanted them. I have never seen them go B1G1. I'm still waiting for that to happen.

    BTW, what does NED stand for?

  2. Usually the Baked Lay's are not included in the sale. It would be nice if they are included.

  3. So, what is a "Living Well NED" coupon that you list under the Crest toothpaste? Thanks.

  4. The Living Well thing is a small flyer I picked up at Publix in the pharmacy area a while back. It has several health/beauty style coupons in it (store ones). I don't have many, maybe 7, but they had them in the stores for ages.

    NED stands for "No Expiration Date"

    Margery and Kel- thanks, I had never seen them included, but was hoping! ;)

    ps- glad to see you back Kelly! Missed you around the net-sphere.

  5. The Baked were not included at my store in Antioch either. They were 2/$6 :( I was kinda bummed because normally, the ad says "Excluding Baked!" and it didnt this time, so I thought for sure theyd be included! Oh well!

  6. I am so thankful someone asked the question about the 'ned'. I had no idea. :) Thanks for the heads up on the toothpaste because we are almost out. I was able to find these coupons while we were on vacation in Florida. I had no idea what to do with it so now I do. :)

  7. Amy- thanks for the info. Rats. I was hoping too since they weren't "excluded".

    Bethany- you're welcome! I love free. :D