Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fuel for School $10 rebate...mutliple times

I recently found out that the Fuel For School rebate that is currently underway (buy ten Kelloggs items in one transaction and get $10 back) can be done more than once. If you look at the different forms that are available, they have different addresses you mail them in to. You can submit a rebate to each address (p.o. box, etc).

So far, I've found three, but I have heard there are several more. There was one in KMart's flyer a few weeks ago. There is one available to print online, and I have one from a flyer picked up in-store with Kellogg's coupons in it (Thanks Mel!)

If you catch these items on sale, this is a moneymaker. I did the Pop-tarts last week, and will get the Yogos this week. If cereal goes on sale again and there are some decent q's out, that might be another one. Or Eggo waffles, that might be a good one too.

Good Luck finding these!


  1. All I can say is....AARRGH!

    What is the one about buying $50 at Publix, and 4 items? Did I miss that one?

  2. Thanks, that makes a big difference.

  3. Mel- LOL. That one is the Kraft/Publix dealio. It ends Friday (tomorrow). You have to buy four different (specified) Kraft items and $50 (before coupons). You get a $10 Publix gift card. You can submit for up to three gift cards.

  4. If I've got the right one, it ends Sunday, the 9th. I hope. I was frustrated this evening and forgot to buy my 2% cheese.

    There was no Yogos no where. Not even a space where they should have been but were sold out. Are they in a different place besides with the fruit snacks, do you know?

    Yes, I forgot to ask for

  5. I couldn't find yogos either. I wanted the get them b/c I feel like they're better than the fruit snacks, (although I know better) ;) but I heard that Publix wasn't carrying them anymore so they're phasing them out. Boo. I got the fruit snacks instead and didn't have any coupon to use on them so I paid $10 more oop than I planned. boo x 2.

  6. yuck, i wanted the yogos too and haven't found them! esp to use the $2 off bread fuel for school coupons!!

    did we miss out on a kellogg's insert in a recent sunday paper? i remember hearing there should be one, but I didn't get it!

  7. That $2 bread coupon can be used with the fruit snacks too (which are on bogo this week) that's what I did.

    Yes. We did. We never get Kelloggs inserts in Nashville. I don't know why, but it stinks.

  8. just thought i'd follow up by saying i never did check out the yogos in Antioch, but i did go check out the current Kroger sale to see if it would be worth my while to get the Yogos and some other Kellogg's rebate deals there...have to say Kroger has been one of my LEAST fave places lately! however, it did work out for me today!

    this could definitely be YMMV because I had to get special permission to have 2 $4 off wyb $10 of kellogg's promos in one order. they did it when i explained that it all had to be on one reciept for a rebate! they also had to push through my $2 off bread q's!

    4 Kellogg's Cinnabon bars $1.99 each
    6 Kellogg's Yogo snacks at $2.50 each
    3 packages of Kroger bread $1.50, $1.50, and 4.99
    1 Fiber One Yogurt- $2.59 (i think? had free q!)

    1- $1/1 Kellogg's Cinnabon IP (only had one on me, could've had better OOP with more!)
    6- $.50/1 Yogo IP's (doubled to $1 each
    1- FREE home mailer Fiber One coupon
    1- $1/1 Fiber One ecoupon
    3- $2 off bread wyb Yogos
    2- $4 Kellog's store promo- $4 off wyb 4

    Total was just under $5 before tax, a little over $7 after

    Really would've helped if I had more Cinnabon coupons on me! I was just trying to find the cheapest items to help me get to 10 for the Fuel for School Rebate! I did some research and found that the Cinnabon is included even though it's not mentioned on the rebates! Yippee!

    Last year, I was just getting back from my honeymoon during this promo and it was such a headache I never figured out a MM that worked for me! The bread q's were really what inspired me to do it, since we needed it and they gave overage!

    Do you think if I headed back to Kroger with a couple more Cinnabon q's and my reciept they would accept them?? I'm always so skeptical to approach their CS, because sometimes they have noooo idea what they are doing coupon wise, or they just don't care to help! (why i mostly stick with Publix!!)

  9. Stacey- great deal! That's awesome the cinnabon is included! It might actually be worth it for me to go up and ask if they would do that for me. (I am not a fan of Kroger these days). It can't hurt to try (re the cinnabon q's). Just tell them you forgot to hand over those coupons, and could they do an exchange, using those q's? Worst they can say is no. I have had Publix do this for me in the past, I can't remember if Kroger has done it or not.

  10. yeah, i'm never too sure about what Kroger will say! do wish i'd waited until today to do the deal though because now....triple coupons! oh well, it was still a MM, just could've been better! :o)

  11. Stacey- which Kroger stores are tripling?! I need to go to one of those and not my store (in Clarksville)! :)