Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crazy Publix deals and a whirl through Walgreens

My plan this morning was to go to Nashville and take N to visit Grandma, she was going to spend the night and Grandma was going to take her to a small fair that her employer was holding. N started coughing yesterday and last night it got pretty bad. I had some Robitussin (the only thing that really works) but only a few teaspoons. Out of all the medicines and stockpile I have- not a single bottle of Robitussin. So I had to get some this morning. I would have waited until I got to Publix to get some, but she was coughing pretty hard, so I decided to go to Walgreens and try to throw in some other items to get to $25 to get an additional $5 back. So here's what I did

1 Sensodyne Iso-Active $5.99 {$2 rr back}
-(1) $1/1 mq = $4.99
1 Softsoap Nutriserums $3.99 {$4 rr back}
2 Tylenol Extra Strength $4.49 bogo
-(2) $2/1 mq = $.49/2
1 Glade 2 oz Soy Candle $3.29
-Free mq= Free
1 Halls Cough Drops $1.99
1 Children's Robitussin $5.99
Total oop: $19.61
RR's back: $2 + $4 + $5

Once at Publix, we had a blast! It was a great shopping trip. :) I had Z with me and I asked my grandmother to tag along to help entertain him and push the second cart (which I knew I would need). At the end of the whole trip, we had two carts overflowing- top and botton. I was heading up the aisle toward the checkout and one of the grocery managers saw me and asked if I needed a second cart. LOL. I pointed behind me and said "They're coming". He started laughing and said- "oh, you already have two!" I said, "yep, hope I don't need more than that." The line I got in was a new cashier- well, one that just transferred to that store. The manager helped her check me out and thanked me for training her cashiers properly. Heh. She said, "this is the second week in a row you've had a new cashier and it's great! Often they'll go weeks without seeing a particular type of coupon, but you show them all in one transaction." I laughed and said, "well, I'm glad to help- I certainly use all kinds! I'll break 'em in for ya".

Transaction 1
8 Yoplait Yoplus $2.50 bogo
-$1/1 mq = $.25/ea
2 Fiber One yogurt $2.50 bogo
-$1.25/1 mq = Free
1 Snyder's Pretzels $1.50
-$.75/1 mq + $1/1 Publixq = -$.25
10 Morningstar $3.79 bogo
-$2/1 mq = -$.10/ea
3 Halibut filets $23.97
-no q's
8 Publix sugar $.85
-$1/1 wyb Kool-Aid Food Lionq= -$.15/ea
3 Apple&Eve juice boxes $1.39
-$1/1 Publixq + $.50/1 mq = -$.61/ea
2 red delicious apples $1.83
-$1/1 apples Target q = $.83
2.33lb bananas $1.37
-$.50 Targetq= $.87
2 Tombstone Pizzas $5.79 bogo
-$1/2 mq = $4.79/2
1 Greenwise gallon organic milk $4.99
-$1/1 FLip + Free milk mq = -$.01
3 Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra $3.99
-$.50/1 mq = $2.99
3 Starkist pouch $1.25
-$.50/1 mq + $1/3 Targetq = -$.25/3
5 Beggin Strips $3.49 bogo
-$2.50/1 Publixq + $1.50/1 mq, $1/1 mq= -$9.78
8 Kotex pads $2.77 bogo
-$2/1 Targetq + $1/1 mq = -$12.92
40 Kool-Aid $.20/ea
-no q's
5 Back to Nature Cookies $2.87 bogo
-$1/1 mq + $1/1 Whole Foods mq= -$2.83/5
7 Back to Nature Granola $3.59 bogo
-$1/1 mq + $1/1 Whole Foods mq= -$1.44/7
7 Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kits $2.69 bogo
-$.75/1 mq, $1/1 mq = $3.92/7
1 King Oscar Anchovies $1.69
-no q's
3 Motts Applesauce 3/$5
-$1/1 mq + $1/1 FLip = -$1.00
10 Cereal Cups; Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.00
-$1/1 Target mq + $1/2 mq= -$5.00
4 Shout spray $2.99 bogo
-$.55/1 mq + $1/1 Publix q + BOGO mq = $.43/4
Total oop: $3.53
Total savings: $306.25 (99%)

Transaction 2
8 Kingsford Charcoal $6.99
-$4/1 mq = $2.99/ea
6 Glad Sandwich bags $1.59
-$1/1 mq + $1/1 FLip = -$.41/ea
2 Hidden Valley Ranch $3.19
-$1/1 mq + $1/2 FLip = $1.69/ea
8 pork items (total) $13.13
-$6/1 mq = -$34.87
5 Morningstar $3.79 bogo
-$2/1 mq = -$.10/ea
5 Morningstar $3.79 bogo
-$2/1 wyb charcoal = -$.11/ea
1 6pk Amberbock $5.79
-no q's
1 Greenwise Organic gallon milk $4.99
-$1/1 FLip + $Free milk mq = -$.01
10 Kotex $2.77 bogo
-$2/1 Target q + $1/1 mq (2) = -$8.15/10
3 Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal Cups $1.00
-$1/1 mq + $1/1 Targetq = -$3.00
2 CoverGirl Sponges $2.49
-$2.50/2 mq + $2/1 Publixq = -$1.52/2
25 Kool-Aid $.20/ea
-no q's
5 Publix sugar $.85
-$1/1 wyb Kool-Aid = -$.15/ea
1 Iams Mini-Dog Chunks Dog Food $11.49
-$1/1 mq= $10.49
Total oop: $.44
Total savings: $234.45 (99.8%)

Then, After I left my grandmother's house, dropped her off and left my cold stuff in her fridge/freezer, I went to go visit a friend. She lives near the Belle Meade store so I stopped in there (she sat in my car with my sleeping son while I went in to do a quick trip). I also had to exchange one of my Kotex b/c I bought a wrong one, and have a price adjusted (one of my Taco Bell kits had to be manually entered b/c the register didn't recognize it and it was entered at full price). Anyway, I was stoked because I found SUNDOWN! I also found a clearanced Covergirl mascara (just the one), so I tossed that in as well. Also found out one of the managers from MF transferred to that store- we chatted for a minute.

Here's the score:
3 Publix frozen broccoli florets $1.79/ea
-no q's
4 Cascadian Farms frozen vegetables $2.49/ea
-$1/1 mq = $1.49/ea
2 Publix salad mix $2.50/ea
-no q's
1 organic carrots $1.99
-no q's
5 CoverGirl items $2.49/ea
1 CoverGirl Mascara $1.25
-$2.50/2 mq + $2/1 Publixq = -$5.80/6
2 YoPlait Fiber One Yogurt $2.50 bogo
-$1.25 mq = Free
1 Abita Purple Haze $8.29
-no q's
16 Sundown Vitamins $2.99-$3.99/ea
- $5/2 mq + $6/2 Publixq = -$26.36
Total oop: $4.61 (I could've done this better, but as this isn't my normal store, I didn't want to push it. LOL)
Total savings: $118.23 (96%)

Grand Total
Total oop: $8.58
Total savings: $658.93 (99%)


    This is one post I made my husband look at and boy was he impressed. He said "that's navy seals couponing" !

  2. Where did you find the snyder pretzel target coupon. I can't seem to locate one anywhere.
    Thank You.


  3. Christa- ROFL! (re: your husband) The Snyder store coupon was a Publix coupon from the Family magazine that was mailed to my house- if you go to Publix website, you can join the mailer for their magazines. Unfortunately the ones in the store do not have the coupons in them. :(

  4. You did awesome!!! That's fantastic.

  5. OH MY LORD!!! YOU ARE soooooo GOOD!! Wow! That has to be the best Ive ever seen.

  6. Where do you get the Food Lion coupons? Do all Publix stores accept them?

  7. Cortney- Food Lion is considered a competitor at many Publix stores, so they are accepted as such- If your store considers them a competitor then they will take them. (From what I understand most TN and FLA stores do, but many GA stores do not). You can print the FLips at southern savers:
    or at iheartpublix:

  8. i absolutely LOVE reading about your savings!! i would love to be able to do that every week!! however i have a few questions...(i follow so i get the lists and all every week).
    #1: I have been told that you can only use one FLIP q per item per transaction (ie: 1 FLIP for Motts Applesauce per transaction). It looks like you use more than 1 per transaction. does that policy vary store by store?

    #2: where did you get the $1/1 Sugar wyb Kool-Aid Food Lion Q? I cannot find that one!

    #3: how did you get the Whole Foods q? we have one near us but its not close enough to me to just run out and visit.

    #4: where did you find all the extra sundown vitamin q's? i reached my print limit on all my computers and that is such an awesome deal I want to do more!

    #5: where did you find the target q's for kotex? i have searched and searched and cannot find that.

    thank you so much for your time and for your inspiration!!!!


  9. Jess-
    I'm glad you found me! Thanks for reading :)
    to answer your questions-
    1) it depends on your store. My Food Lion store will allow me to use a bunch in different transactions (even though the q's say one per day) so I asked the store manager at Publix and he allows me to use more than one- They do not make me split up the transactions as it's faster to do it together.
    2)It was a tearpad I actually never found. I traded for a bunch of them from people on coupon forums.
    3) I picked up the booklets at Whole Foods, it's an hour from me, but when I'm in the area, I ru in and grab a few each time.
    4&5)When the Sundown and Kotex coupons came out in the papers (regional, not in our paper), I went to EBay and bought some. :) I knew they would be good deals at some point (and hoped it would be before they expired!) so I went ahead and bought them before everyone wanted them and the cost went up. I bought them in lots of 20 each. It's worth it for me as if I buy them before the demand goes up, I spend about $1-2 for 20 coupons, and even if I end up not using them, it was worth the gamble since it could potentially save me so much money.
    {as for the printables- hit the library! Many libraries don't charge for prints, or it's mere pennies, and will let you print from several different computers in one visit}


  10. What is your regular Publix..I live in Franklin??

  11. holy crap those were some good shops!! i am going to have to start trading for some good q's too! i didn't realize there were $5/2 q's for sundown! i just used up all my $3/2- but it took awhile for me to use just 6 since it's been hard to find them! could've made it work more with the $5 off!!

  12. Kristin, I regularly shop at Maryland Farms and ocassionally Belle Meade. Nippers COrners is another store that is used to the couponers. :)

    Stacey, I know! The vitamins have been hard to find! I was thrilled to score some last week.

  13. Nuts I missed the BOGO on the Kotex. I had those Target Qs, too. Oh, well. You are amazing at finding the overage deals. I really like it when you post those separately.

  14. Margery- drat! Hang onto those q's, I bet you can still get a good deal on them. I will try to start posting when I find good mm's. Lately the mm's I have found are ones that include regional coupons, so I haven't been posting them. :)

  15. I am new at this can someone help me out. When you say 8 Yoplait Yoplus $2.50 bogo
    -$1/1 mq = $.25/ea
    What does this lingo mean? I was thinking $1/1 means $1.00 off so the cost would be $1.50 but it says here the cost was only $.25. Can someone explain this to me? Thanks

  16. Anon- The Yoplait were Buy-one-get-one (bogo) at $2.50- which, here in TN, means they ring up at $1.25/each. I used a $1 off one manufacturer coupon which made it $.25/each.

    HTH!! and, thanks for stopping in. :)