Saturday, August 29, 2009

Regional coupons and What exactly is out there?

It is amazing to me the variation on coupons.

I don't post where my coupons come from, so I understand that sometimes that can be a little confusing. Our papers often have very different coupons from what is available elsewhere.

It also seems that Publix is the King/Queen of coupon booklets and there are SO many different ones! LOL! The Toss For Cash is a good example. There are two very different versions, but around the blog-osphere, they are referred to as the same, so you never really know which one you're looking for.

Peelies/hangtags/winetags/blinkies also seem to vary be region and store even. Finding coupons that look the same but have different wording. For example, I once found blinkies for a Lotion that said "excludes trial size" at Publix. Then I went to Food Lion and they had the same blinkies, but did NOT exclude trial size. I know there are Johnson&Johnson product coupons that have been similar.

Basically, what I have learned since couponing for over a year now, is to read your coupons carefully. Make sure you are purchasing the correct items as described on the coupon. Then, go crazy trading and buying for ones not in your region. I have gotten some great coupons by trading on HCW. I have made some friends in other regions and we trade booklets and regional q's. It has helped my couponing and allowed me to get the crazy deals shown in my blog!


  1. I have the same issue i see, too! I am just south of Nashville, and many of the blogs I read are out of state authors who come across different deals. BTW, I love your blog! If I could only get my courage up to use my charcoal coupons (I'm afraid of nasty looks!)!

  2. We (Atlanta) seems to get alot of the /2 coupons when other regions are getting the same amount off one item. Or we'll get .55 or .75 off, instead of .50 that will double, or $1.00 that makes alot of things free.

    Other than the Toss the Cash booklet, I haven't been able to find any of the many new booklets that's been posted about lately.