Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free bacon at Kroger

Kroger has Smithfield bacon on sale for $2.99 (some areas have this on sale for $4.99 for two).

Go to Smithfield's website and register HERE

After you register, you will be redirected to a page with a link to a printable coupon for $3 off one Smithfield Naturally Smoked Bacon. (be patient, it takes a second)

Depending on price, you could get this free, or possibly overage. This is on sale this week (ending today) but may not be next week, so if you're headed out, stop by Kroger.


  1. baconbaconbacon I SMELL BACON!!! lol
    Thank you! I love bacon!

  2. Ah darn, didn't see this in time. I went to Krog's this evening.

  3. Cheap- LOL!! That is one of my all-time favorit commercials!!

    Mel- maybe it will be on sale next week too. The one I printed doesn't expire for two months, so there's time. (Also maybe Publix carries this brand? I don't know)