Friday, October 16, 2009

Walgreens, week of 10/18

Getting started, week two

All deals should print rr's. You CAN use coupons on rr deals and still get rr's. If you use a coupon, buy the correct product and you do not get an rr, call Catalina and they will issue you a rr. OR tell the manager your rr didn't print. If they are coupon savvy, they will help make it right. If not, you may end up calling Cat anyway. *shrug* It's one of the drawbacks to Wags and Catalina- many/most stores do not know how Catalina works and make up whatever excuse they can think of as to why it didn't print.

Transaction 1
Dentek floss 2.00
Robitussin To Go 2.49
Chapstick 2.99
Total $6.48

$1 Dentek mq from 10/11
$5 rr

Total oop: $1.48 +tax

$2 rr Dentek
$2.50rr Robitussin
$3rr Chapstick

Transaction 2
Theraflu 4.99
Theraflu 4.99
Theraflu 4.99
fill .20
Total: 15.19

$2/1 Theraflu mq 10/18
$2/1 Theraflu mq 10/18
$2/1 Theraflu mq 10/18
$2/1 Theraflu Wagsq (from Healthy Living booklet found in store- have cashier scan it, it will automatically multiply by three to reflect the three purchased) = $6
$3 rr (Chapstick)

Total oop: $.19 + tax

$8rr (Theraflu)

Transaction 3
Zantac 8.99
Trident 2/$2.00
Trident 2/2.00
fill .20
fill .20
Total: 11.38

$5/1 Zantac mq printable HERE
$.75/1 Trident printable HERE
$.75/1 Trident printable HERE
$2 rr (Dentek)
$2.50rr (Robitussin)

Total oop: $.38 + tax

$9rr (Zantac)
$1rr (Trident)

*With these transactions, you'll have spent under $2.00 and have leftover a $8rr, $1rr and a $9rr. You just made $17. How does that feel? :)


  1. Dyyyyno - Mite!!

    I hope my stores got more R2G in. They were out last week.

  2. Is the healthy living booklet still available, you think? Is it at the pharmacy or in front with the October coupon booklets?
    Thanks for the great scenario! I'm going to do it...just lack the healthy living booklet.

  3. My store still has them- I have a few extra if you want me to send you one, I'd be happy to- you can email me your addy @

  4. You are so sweet! I went to my closest store and they had none, in fact the manager wasn't sure what the booklet even was. I then called the next closest store and they are out too BUT they said they keep one at the register and if I just tell them I need a coupon scanned for my purchase, they will scan it! They were more knowledgable there so I will shop there. I will let you know how it goes.....

  5. Also, will Wags issue rainchecks? I went to Publix yesterday and they were super nice about giving me one on Snuggle. I was wondering about Wags because they run out quickly!

  6. That's great that they have one at the register. Awesome. It actually says "Healthy Savings to help you stay Healthy" on the cover. These q's are good for a loooong time too. If you change your mind and want one, just let me know. :) Yes, they will issue raincheck, but they can't print the rr after the date of the deal. Ask the store manager how they handle that. My store will take the rr amount off the original price at the register, doing a "price modify" to give you the rr amount.
    For example, I had a raincheck for a Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner for $9.99 with $3rr. The cashier price modified it to $6.99. (which is what the price would have been after rr)

  7. Where did you get the $5/1 mq printable for the Zantac deal? Is it still available?

  8. Jennifer, the printable is located here

  9. Thanks for the link!

    I think Transaction #1 total should be $7.48 before Q & RR. There is a $1/1 Robitussin To Go in 9/27 RP you can use to keep your OOP at $.48.

    Also, here is a link for a bunch of high-dollar flu season coupons:

  10. Thanks for the edit Jennifer :) I had it with Halls and misfigured. The q in my 9/27 excludes 2 ct (which is what the FARR is). There might be another one, but mine does exclude that. boo!

  11. Wouldn't you know that when I got to WAlgreens they had the booklets behind the counter. they said they only give them out if someone asks for them. Those stinkers!
    I have one now.....thanks!

  12. If you didn't have a $2/1 TheraFlu Q in your Sunday paper, there is also a $2/1 printable:

    Or, there was a Publix flyer that has $2/1 Q in that. They say "Good only at Publix", but they are a Mfg Q (I think you could use this, right?)

  13. I went to Wags today for the first time in a LONG time. I did all 3 scenarios. I ended up spending $8.50 OOP & walked away with $10 RR. I used my $8 RR on the last transaction (see explanation below) to cover less OOP & get 3 pints of 1/2 & 1/2 that I needed.

    1)The Dentek does NOT spit out a RR if you use a coupon. If you don't use a Mfg Q for it, you are fine. I opted out of this deal.

    2) The Robitussin To Go is a month-long RR. They were completely out of it at my Wags & said they have been most of the month. The Mgr told me they didn't expect it to sell as many as they have, so you should have a back-up plan if your store is out also. I did not get this deal either.

    All-in-all, I was disappointed with my OOP total. I realize I started out with $0 RR, but my family doesn't use Theraflu or Zantac, so it feels like a waste of money. Anyone else know what I mean?

    I will hold on to the RR in hopes of some good deals next week. Otherwise I will just use them at Publix & get more items for free. :)

  14. Dentek does give you a rr when you use a coupon. I have bought about 15 of them and they all gave rr's. ALL items purchased should give you an rr no matter if you use a mq or an rr to purchase (unless you use another rr from the same manufacturer).

    Most of these are month-long deals.
    Robitussin to go
    Vaseline Sheer Infusions
    Fusion Razors
    - all these are month-long deals. My store still has most of these, but ran out of chapstick and halls this week. :(

    I'm sorry your oop was so high. I know our tax is higher, so a lot of times I spend more in tax, but even starting at 0, I can usually get it under a few bucks.

    Did you buy the Dentek? How do you know it won't give an RR? Is that what the mgr told you? They really don't know much about the catalina program.

  15. Jennifer- you also have to think of it this way- You spent $8.50, but you have $10 left, so that's a $1.50 profit, plus you got the half and half you needed- and what would that have cost normally?
    The month-long deals will still be good next month to roll your rr's, and there was a $1 coupon in the paper for Vaseline, making the lotion a mm. As well as Halls- there is a $.50 coupon at Rite Aid (tearpad) if you happen to find those, you can make the Halls a mm as well. You could also get more Theraflu this week - rolling the zantac, to make more money off of that deal. (I know you don't need it, but flu season is coming up, and I use mine in gift baskets at Christmas. LOL. :)

  16. I didn't get the Dentek. The regional Mgr was checking me out & she said she's been giving people refunds & their coupons back all month because it hasn't worked. I didn't try after that.

    Thanks anyway. I'll hold onto my $10 RR & see what else comes. I can always give my Theraflu & Zantac to charity. :-)

  17. Jennifer- that's really odd! As I said, I've bought 15 (at least, probably more) and they all printed fine.

    Oh, I also wanted to say- about the Publix coupon- since it says "Redeemable ONLY at Publix" it can only be used there. If another store turns it in, it won't be reimbursed (although it WILL scan). The ones that say "Redeem at Publix" can be used anywhere- they're just hoping you'll use it there. :)

  18. My Dentek RR printed out and I used a Q. My Chapstick, however, did not. The manager was clueless. It's amazing how it varies from one store to the next. My store was also out of R2Go. They stated they run out of freebies quickly. I think they are not stocked well either just before a sale. My store had one Theraflu left after I bought 3.