Sunday, October 25, 2009

For fun...

How many papers do you normally buy? Do you pay cash for them or try to work them into deals (overage at Publix or use rr's/ecb's)?
How many did you buy today?
Do you dumpster dive for inserts?
Do you ask friends and/or neighbors to pass along unused coupons?

What other methods do you have for getting inserts?

Maybe by sharing, we can give each other ideas!

To answer my own questions...
I normally buy between 6-10 papers depending on how good I think the q's are. I generally use rr's on them, but ocassionally will pay cash at Dollar Tree (since the Sunday paper is cheaper there).
Today I bought 27 papers. LOL. And picked up 4 out of the recycle bin.
My grandparents and mom give me their inserts and I shop for them.

I also have a deal with the store manager at Food Lion, he lets me come in on Saturday afternoon and get any leftover inserts from the previous Sunday (although I sometimes forget, and sometimes there aren't any, this is a pretty good deal sometimes!)


  1. I usually buy 4 papers and order any other the Qs I need from a service. And of course I swap with friends and on-line.

    By the way I recently found your blog and I really enjoy it! So I want to pass along this Best Blog Award I got recently.

    Thanks for all your hard work! :-)

  2. I buy between 4 and 10 and usually work this into my ECB deals.

    Yesterday, for example, I spent $2 oop at CVS and got 6 papers, 2 bottles of Fruitopia shampoo, 1 Vaseline intensive care lip therapy, 5 boxes of alcohol swabs, and a green bag tag.

    Have you heard about the green bag tags? You pay $1 for a scannable card that you attach to a reusuable shopping bag. Every fourth time you use it, you receive $1 ECB.

  3. I generally purchase between 5-10 papers per week. I bought 10 yesterday. I will get the inserts from my parents, and usually 2 other people will give me theirs. I have gone looking in the recycle bin before, but as my stockpile has grown, my desire to "hunt" for inserts has dwindled.

    I usually buy my papers wherever they are $1, which this month means Kroger. I liked buying them at Walgreens for $1 with RR.

  4. I normally buy 10, but lately had been buying 6, when the coupons didn't seem that interesting.

    I get mine from teenagers that stand in shopping center parking lots selling them for $1.00 each on the weekends.

    My Mom also gives me some from a little paper that gets thrown out at the end of her driveway on Thursdays. I haven't yet been able to talk her into walking up and down the street picking up everyone else's, too. LOL j/k

    I've asked others in my family and people I know, but they all claim to not get the Sunday paper.

    I really need to learn to work them into deals. I know I make the money back that I spent on them, but it'd be even better savings to buy them with overage.

    I haven't gotten brave enough to dumpster dive yet.

  5. Christie- thanks for the award! :)

    Karla- Great deals at CVS! I've been lagging on the CVS deals lately since the closest one is an hour from me. . . I did pick up a green bag tag last time I was in. I can't pass up a free ecb, even if I'm not in there that often. ;)

    Shannon- me too- *sigh* I miss the $1 papers at Wags

    Mel- LOL. Do IT!!! It's such a rush. :) I did yesterday when it was packed. People were looking at me weird, but luckily I had a whole bunch of papers that needed t be recycled- so I'd toss some in one open side, then sidle over to the other one, peek in, grab a few things out, then repeat. At least the worker was busy so he didn't pay attention to what I was doing.

  6. I feel like I am a lightweight compared to all of you. I get 3 papers and then my parents in law give me theirs. If I could get more organized I could take on more :) I still do a good job with the 4 I have! BTW- I love your blog and have been following it for a few months (found it from Kelly at I Love Publix)
    - Ashley

  7. I'm still a lightweight as well--I usually buy 3-4 Tennessean and at least 1 of our local paper. Our local paper only has the SS insert, and it is usually different from the Tennessean SS insert. I also trade coupons with friends and I sometimes purchase coupons from a coupon service.


  8. I miss going into (i love publix ) Why can I not find the blog anymore? I miss it , I use to always bounce back and forth between I love publix and I prefer publix and that was how I learned how Publix worked on stacking and overage and rainchecks. Taught me everything I needed to know *i feel a tear coming on* shopping at publix has new meaning now. LOL

  9. Christa- I'm glad you're still cisiting me! Kelly (Ilovepublix) has stopped blogging. She has had a lot going on with her family and decided to focus on her family. We'll miss her. She still reads my blog occasionally though (I think) :)

  10. visiting. Not cisiting. sheesh. lol

  11. Seriously this is one of my top 5 blogs I regularly visit! LOVE IT!!!

    I have a question off topic about Riteaid do you look over the November rebate book to get a heads up on the deals for the month, you know, to get somewhat prepared?
    A few weeks ago I read a post on this site about the Scott Tp and Pt and I drove out at 9pm on a Sat trying to grab the deal before it was over, needless to say my husband was not amused that I choose to spend my Sat night couponing! HEHE

  12. I read it all the time Brandy! Your blog is my new favorite place to come for Publix deals!

  13. I still get my papers from the recycle bin only. I usually am able to get 10-20 inserts for each week; I go every week and spend about 30 minutes a week getting my inserts.

  14. Christa- Thanks!! :) I really don't look ahead that much. I scan through the ad once or twice, but that's all the advance prep I put into it. I can only focus on one week at a time! :) Right now I am looking at some deals for next week, but I am also still putting together Walgreens deals for things that were out of stock today when I went.

    Kelly- Good to "see" you :) Which recycle bin are you visiting these days? I still haven't found one in nashville and the one here is hit or miss.

  15. I buy a double paper and my in-laws keep their coupon inserts for me (they live in savannah, ga and we're in atlanta).