Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh MAN!!

I absolutely hate it when I lose good coupons. It makes me nuts. I try to keep things in some semblance of order, but you all can appreciate, I'm sure, how things get out of control very quickly.

I printed the $1/1 Grands and $1/1 Sweet Rolls coupons when they were available- I also asked my grandmother and mom to print two of each- so with my four (two computers) and their four, I had eight total. I can't find them anywhere!!!


I clipped them and put them in my Kroger (in-hopes-of-super-doubles) bin and now I can't find them anywhere! I have looked through every stack and folder and envelope I have.

I didn't toss them, I didn't trade them and I didn't use them, so where else would they be???


  1. "Oh man!!" indeed!!! That stinks!! I do know that some of the coupons came available again this week and I was able to get more even though i'd already printed my limit....try here (these are all IE links...)

    Just got some here...

    and I know I got another one or two of these links to print again but not sure which ones so try them all again!

  2. Oh, man is right! I think they are in the same place where the missing sock goes in the laundry room!!

  3. Check these places:

    Your purse
    Your car
    Your spouse's car

    That's where mine always end up when I can't find them.

  4. Ugh, I do that all the time. So frustrating! They have to be somewhere, though. I am bad to overlook coupons because I thought they weren't/shouldn't be the ones I was looking for...I didn't remember putting them there. Maybe you are overlooking them because they are somewhere you didn't think they should be.
    I hope you find them soon.

  5. Yeah, I mean 16 printables - it's not like they just flew away. Hmph.

  6. Been there, done that. It is so frustrating! I've lost coupons somewhere between the car and the store. I thought I was losing my mind! Hope you find them.

  7. I usually find them the day after the sale ends. LOL.

  8. Kel- I'm sure that's exactly what will happen. grrr.

    still no sign of them.

  9. I know exactly how you feel. Earthy Mama I was suppose to send you the dog food coupons for the target deal and I lost them, I looked for hours for them and I remember they were small little square guys. I was so mad at myself for not being able to follow through with my offer but I guess it is somewhat common to misplace the one coupon you want. Very frustrating.

  10. Christa don't worry about it. :) I never was able to find enough to use all the q's I had. :( I had 13 coupons leftover and no dog food to buy them with! UGH! (out of stock everywhere)

    **I really need to get organized.

  11. ORGANIZED don't see that happening anytime soon. My kitchen table is resigned to it's fate "clutter".