Monday, October 19, 2009

Great deals at Office Max

(Thank you Southern Savers!)

I am always hunting for good deals on paper and I am just about out of file folders to file my inserts. This is awesome!!

Go HERE for OfficeMax MaxPerks- and get these items "free" this week after rewards back. The really great deal is that you can order these deals online, and your order is over $50, get free shipping and also get your rewards. Not having to haul a huge thing of paper home- Even better.

If you're not familiar with the rewards program, once you join, use your rewards # when you purchase. Then you will be issued your reward dollars to your account. These dollars can be used toward your next purchase.

Here's the deals- Notably, for those starting out- Here's the perfect makings for your coupon-clipping needs. Paper, to print the online q's, file folders, to file your weekly inserts, a banker's box, so you have somewhere to put the file folders, and sharpie markers, to label your file folders. It's like they are speaking just to us couponers! ;)

$17 Reward wyb Office Max Printer Paper 5 ream Case at $16.99 (limit 3)

$10 Reward wyb Fellowes Banker Box, storage box 10pk., at $9.99 (limit 3)

$7 Reward wyb Manilla File Folders 100ct., at $6.99 (limit 3)

$2 Reward wyb 2-pk Sharpie Markers, at $1.99 (limit 3)

To order:

If you don’t have an office Max Rewards number go here and register for one.

1. Then go to EBates and sign up (if you're not already a registered user). Use their link for OfficeMax to make your purchase and then get an additional 3% cash back… (new users will also get a $5 bonus)

2. Search & Order products:

20155699 - Paper
21651106 - Storage boxes
21664735 - Folders
(still looking for the Sharpie order number- I'll add it when I find it)

3. Get Free Shipping for ordering over $50!!

Your account will be credited in 7-10 days with the reward cash. It will need to be used on purchases at Office Max, but if you have other office needs you might as well get something for free on top of a purchase you already need!


  1. I wonder if when you spend Rewards it still counts towards a purchase amount.

    For instance, if I buy $50.97 of paper, get the Rewards and turn around and buy Ink with the Rewards...I wonder if my purchase amount would be $50.97, or over $100.00?

  2. I don't know...I would *think* it would count. I also read from someone that it takes about 7 days for the rewards to show up in your account after purchase.

  3. I thought I read on the MaxPerks page that they do the rewards at the end of the quarter. I could be wrong, though.

    I didn't mean turn right around and order ink immediately, I just meant later, after the Rewards were applied, whenever that might be.

    My thoughts were that, at first I wasn't sure I wanted in on this deal because it's a rewards rebate, not cash. I have hard time thinking of the stuff as really being free when I have to spend the money at a store that I don't usually shop at.

    But then I thought well, if I use my rewards for ink, then I'm buying something I would have to buy anyway, so then the paper does become free...Almost.
    It's about $6-$7 more than what I pay at Walmart. But still, $6-$7 for 15 packages of paper is a great deal.

    But then I was reading where I signed up for the Teacher Account MaxPerks thing and I see it says they will give you $10.00 rewards for every $75.00 you spend.
    So if my paper and the ink applies, then I get another $10.00 reward, which would make my paper better than free.

  4. Hi Earthy Mama, I was wondering if you can do a post on how you organize your coupons. Do you keep your inserts whole or do you cut each one and store in a binder with baseball card holders?
    I find staying organized is my biggest challenge, it is the main reason I want to give up on couponing and my dining room, well not really a dining room anymore!