Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Publix trip 10/13

Not a huge trip today, just picked up a few necessities- bread, potatoes, eggs. :) And some moneymakers, cheapies.

Total non-food tax: $2.54
Total food tax: $4.94
Total oop: $.71
Total saved: $160.88 (99.6%)

Moneymakers I picked up:
Oikos yogurt
Bear Naked Granola Bars
Lipton tea bags (with Food Lion coupon from booklet found in store)
Progresso/Pillsbury deal (with raincheck)
Sundown (2 bottles)
Maybelline eye-pencils

Free stuff:
Bumblebee tuna
Huggies soft pack wipes
Sorrento cheese stringsters (with raincheck)


  1. What was the deal on the free wipes? I'm about out and haven't seen any deals for them out lately.

  2. If you have the time would you mind posting what the deals are on the (FREE) Huggies and (MM) the maybelline eye makeup. Thanks in advance.

  3. There was/is (? I don't know if it's still available) a $2/1 any "Huggies Diaper product" coupon printable that could be used on wipes. The soft packs are regularly $1.99, so it makes them free.

    Maybelline eye pencils are $2.49 and there's a $2/1 Maybelline product Publix coupon in the Green Advantage Buy flyer and $1/1 mq's floating around (I found a tearpad at Walgreens)- made them $.51 over/each.

  4. Here is the link for Huggies, not sure if there are still prints available...


  5. Thanks for the post. Any pointers on how to find money makers for a newbie?

  6. Hey Brandy....quick question (kinda) :)

    This coming week at Publix, the Bayer Blood sugar monitors are on sale for $14.99. If you have the Q for them (the one up to $30, will they manually input the amount or will the register take it for $30? I've only used them at the drugstores, so I wasn't sure how Publix registers would read them. Thanks!!!

  7. how did you get bear naked granola bars for free?

  8. Carin- see my post here

    Bethany, hmmm- I don't know? I suspect it would ask for a price to be entered as it does at drugstores.

    Tsha- I usually try to post any I see on the first or second day of the sale week, and iheartpublix.com posts the super-deals of the week. The longer you do this, you'll know more prices and start to recognize what may be a mm based on pricing and coupons. :)

  9. What was the deal on Oikos? THANKS

  10. anon- see this post: http://ipreferpublix.blogspot.com/2009/10/if-your-store-considers-whole-foods.html