Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Made my Publix trip today before the monsoon hit.

A few notes I want those of you starting out to remember:
1) Always make a list and shop from your list
2) Know how much each item should ring up
3) Make certain all your coupons are scanned properly
4) review your receipt after paying to ensure all items rang up properly

5) ALWAYS BE NICE. You catch more flies with honey. Not to mention you don't know everything. I have been doing this over a year and I don't know everything.

During my trip today I had to make a bunch of changes due to things being out of stock. My numbers were all shot and I really wasn't sure if I'd be over or under my total or by how much.
I had a sweet cashier who isn't really careful, so I handed her several coupons at a time and wacthed her scan/enter them. At the end of my transaction, my total was a LOT higher than I thought it would be, but I wasn't sure why. I went ahead and paid. (Since I was paying with gift cards, I figured it wasn't a big deal if they had to reimburse me since it wasn't coming out of my pocket, so to speak.) As we walked over to the CS desk, I reviewed my receipt and all the items rang up properly. Meanwhile, it looked like there was about to be a huge storm, so I didn't read each thing line by line.

Later I reviewed the entire thing, knowing something was off somewhere. And I figured it out. We were entering the competitor q's in batches. So where I had 3 $2 competitor q's, she was entering $6 instead of 2, 2, 2 (it's faster and easier). There were two entries of $6 and $8. Each of these should have been entered as a competitor coupon, but instead were entered as non-food grocery items.
So, instead of subtracting $6 and $8, she added $6 and $8. So now I need to be refunded $14 for the mistake of adding something I didn't buy, and an additional $14 for the coupons that weren't subtracted.

They owe me $28.

I was already on my way home when I realized this so I didn't want to turn around and go back. I called the manager and asked her about it and she said to just bring my receipt back and they'd fix it for me next time I come in. "We trust you" she said.

It pays to get to know the employees at your favorite store and let them know you, and know you are an honest couponer.

I also heard a terrible story from one of the baggers. Apparently back when the Planters FLip was out a woman came in to my store and "bought" 28 bags. And nothing else. She expected Publix to pay her $14 (minus tax) for her purchase. And she got irate about it. Caused a scene.

Now I know that no one reading my blog would do something like this, but let's be reasonable. When you get items that build overage, you buy other items to cover that overage. That's how the game works. And when Publix won't pay you to take things out of their store, you don't get irate and you DO NOT argue with the cashiers and managers!
Especially over competitor's coupons. Publix does not get reimbursed for these and it is unreasonable to expect something like this.

Let's use common sense please.

Now, on to my totals from today...
(I'm taking into account $28 that will be reimbursed to me)

Total food tax: $7.23
Total non-food tax: $8.41
Total oop: $5.87
Total saved: $356.11 (98.4%)


  1. Great job! I totally agree with being NICE to your staff. It will help you in the long run. Sorry though that you have to go back and get reimbursed, that is a pain. :)

  2. Yes, most of the cashiers, baggers and CS people at my store know me, at least by face. They think of me as a nice and honest couponer. They do tell me stories of another couponer whom every Publix employess wants to avoid. They also tell me about people who try to sneak in coupons for items they didn't even buy. Honey is better than vinegar.

  3. I had a couple of coupons missed the other day. I went out to my car and figured out which ones and went back in to the CS desk. I told the CS guy which ones were missed and he just looked at the total and went to the register to give me refund. Didn't go to the cashier envelope to check and make sure I had really given the coupons. I pointed to the items on the receipt and asked if he wanted to see that really bought the items and he said Nah, I trust you.

    That was sooo nice.

  4. Mel- isn't that nice? I love that. They really don't realize that a little of that goes a LOOONNNNGGG way with customers.

  5. I went Wed. night to get the last of the deals for the week and the cashier was nice but did say she wasn't sure I had bought all the items that I had used coupons for and that really disappoints me. I told very nicely I can count the items but she said she didn't care. It frustrates me because I am an honest couponer and I am trying to establish myself as such by going out of my way to be nice to the managers and cashiers. I figure in the long run they will trust me and not mind scanning 40plus coupons.

  6. Earthy Mama, do you make your shopping list on Fridays and go shopping on Wednesdays? What is your process for making your lists/do you go to specific websites?

  7. Tshanina- I pick up deals here and there while browsing hotcouponworld, iheartwags, iheartcvs and iheartriteaid - I also get deal ideas from iheartpublix, thethriftymama.com and southernsavers. I have a word document built for CVS, Wags and Rite Aid each week. I usually shop at Publix on Tuesday and hit Wags and Rite Aid for the great deals first thing on Sunday.