Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rite Aid, week of 10/25

Or, get free diapers at Rite Aid this week...

A few good deals, and a way to get free diapers.

Here you go:

Huggies 9.99
GE Lightbulbs 1.00
GE Lightbulbs 1.00
Vaseline Sheer Infusion 4.99
St. Ives 3.99
Kotex Maxi pads or tampons 2.99
Nestle Fun/Snack size candy 2.44

$5/25 HERE
$2/1 Huggies Video Values from last month
$3/1 Huggies Pure and Natural (if included) 10/25 or HERE
$1.50/1 Vaseline HERE or $1/1 Vaseline lotion 10/18
$1/1 St Ives 9/20
$1/1 Kotex HERE
$1/1 Nestle HERE

Total oop: $11.90 (or $12.40 depending on Vaseline q used)

Total earned: $14
Profit: (around) $2

If Pure and Natural are not included, there are other q's out there- both for pull-ups (also part of the deal) and regular dipes. The oop will be a little more. This weekend's paper will have a Huggies insert in it so you can use the q from there. There are also various printables.


  1. Great scenario, Thanks! I wouldn't have figured out as good a deal on my own.