Thursday, October 22, 2009

Got any Chef Michael's coupons?

For those of you without dogs who might not need these and be willing to pass them along...

$3/1 Chef Michaels' dry food Manufacturer's coupon 10/11/09 SS
$1/1 Chef Michael's dry food Target coupon 8/30/09 SS

I could use some extras of these for my dog food stash. :)



  1. i have 3 of them and would be willing to trade them for the $3/1 snuggle coupons or maybe some other high value coupon

  2. B,

    My email address is Email me there to give me your address and I'll stick them in the mail. I know I've got some in my files. :)


  3. So what does this run after you combine the coupons; and where do you buy it? I need a good buy on dog food because it comes down to dog food or diapers sometimes.

    They have Purnia on sale B1G1 at HT, but you can buy one at half price for $7.50. There is also a $2 off the 20lb bag on You end up paying $5.50 for a 20lb bag, but you can only use one coupon per deal per day. I plan to get one bag on two days to use both coupons. Unless I find a better deal.

  4. I have 3 (possibly 4) of the $3/1. I'll have to look and see if I still have my 8/30 inserts. My e-mail info is located in my profile if you'd like to contact me.


  5. Misty- thanks! I'm out of Snuggle q's, is there anything else you might be hunting for?

    Kathy and Tricia- emailed you :) Thanks!

    Deena- that is one of the reasons we went cloth diapers. We never run out of those!

    For the dog food- the small bags run $4.26 each right now (from $4.49). So stacking the Target q with the mq and each bag is $.26. These are small bags, but they will last my two dogs about two days each. So that's $.13 a day. Not bad I don't think. (I have two medium/large dogs).
    Another idea for diapers and dog food is to build up your overage at Publix and then buy dog food or dipes with it. I've done that before for dog food.

  6. I did find a Chef Michael's mq in some coupons my sister had (yeah); but are the target qs still available for print? Do you buy this at target or publix?

    I am trying to get in the ballpark to where you are with Publix and overage. I always seem to have cashiers who want to counter me on coupon usage. I'm afraid to go for large overage. I actually picked up a few $5 off diaper coupons at the ped, so I just need enough overage for the $3 difference. I know $3 isn't alot, but auto sales are down and our family is struggling.

  7. I buy the Chef Michaels at Target- Publix doesn't carry the small bags- the Target q's are not printable ones, they're from the paper. Printable ones expired a few weeks back.

    I would go in and talk to the store manager if it were me and ask about their coupon policy and overage. Bring an example, like the Bear Naked $2 coupon, and point out that the overage will be reimbursed by the manufacturer, so the store is not losing money. Also point out that you are not asking they open the register and hand you money, that you are using the extra to purchase other items. I have found that if you ask to speak to the store manager (they are the ones who make the rules for their store) and are clear in your reasoning (and if they are smart business people) then they generally will see it your way. Then, if you have a troublesome cashier, name-drop. "Well, I spoke with John and he approved this. I can wait if you'd like to check with him. I understand you don't want to get in trouble" You know, that sort of thing.

    $5 is a great coupon! There were also Publix Huggies coupons in the baby club mailer, and I got a few extra for the big boxes in a special mailer thing. Maybe you could trade for some of those? If you want to email me your addy, you can have mine since I don't buy diapers at Publix. :)

    We are with you on the paycheck to paycheck thing. That's why $3 does matter! Hugs to you and your family. Hang in there.

  8. Deena, what area are you in? TN? GA?

  9. Deena- it may not be the best bang for your buck, but there's a deal on Huggies at Rite Aid next week, with your $5 coupon, would make them free. If you have any of the $2/1 Rite Aid video value coupons leftover from last month when they were available, you would stack that with your $5 mq, pay $2.99 (priced $9.99) then get a $3scr back.

  10. Thanks for the suggestions.
    I'm in TN.
    My $5 coupons are off Publix brand diapers only. I always get the small package because I never seem to save enough with coupons to get the big boxes. I know overall it is a better buy, but my stock has dwindled down so much that I just have to get the small bag every 4 to 6 days. If I can watch what I am doing maybe I can get the overage to help build up supply.
    I can't believe you only spent $3 on $400 worth at Publix. I can't wait to see how you did that. Your walgreens rr totals have me floored. I have an awful time at Walgreens and will only go if I HAVE to. I used to keep a few ECBs to roll over and help, but I just don't seem to have the coupons to do that now.
    You must have great relationships with store personnel. I just need to find locations that really care about store to store competition. MF Publix must be doing great thanks to you.

  11. Are you in the Nashville area? Sorry- I was thinking you meant the $5 coupons were for Huggies... Do you get high value coupons mailed to you from huggies? If you sign up for Huggies online program you'll start getting q's mailed to you. Also, if you've ever had any trouble with huggies diapers, they're very good about taking care of their customers so be diligent about following up on them. For example, I had a few dipes in one package that when I went to put the diaper on my son, the whole tab just ripped right off. When I emailed them this, they mailed me a few coupons- one was for a free large box of diapers (one of the $19.99 ones)!! I was floored!
    I have an awesome Walgreens and Rite Aid. I love them- They're up here in Clarksville so a little far for you to drive. :) I have been buying more Triaminic and Theraflu than I know what to do with. Everyone's getting cold medicine for Christmas. lol.

    MF store is awesome. I highly recommend shopping there. They take all sorts of competitor coupons and are very, very customer oriented. It's worth an hour drive each way for me to shop there!

    Hugs to you.

    If you email me your address I'll drop you some diaper q's in the mail.

  12. Oh thank you. I will sign up for the Huggies program. I'm so excited that I located two Knox gelatin coupons so that should help me on diapers. My dh was working in Clarksville briefly and I was hoping things would work out so we could relocate. They didn't, but I have to keep trying to save for my family.

    Some of the stores around us are acting really odd about coupons. I was working the deals when Walgreens really turned me off trying. The manager told me they would no longer take internet coupons per the dist. mgr after I questioned why they weren't taking my qs. Someone fibbed because after I stopped shopping for about six months, they are still taking them.
    Mt. View Publix doesn't take Rite Aid when Rite Aid is down the street, but other than one rude Cust. Svc. Rep the others have been really nice.

    Now all of the things I had built up are almost gone, so I have to get my coupons going again. I totally need to start using RRs and ECBs to purchase Sunday papers. I'll email my addh. Thanks for all your help.

  13. I have 2 of the $3/1 and 2 of the BOGO can of CMCC you can have. Do you happen to have any q's to trade or know of any for Purina dog chow? I'll still send the others regardless, I don't need them. Hope it helps! Just contact me with your address.