Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nearly Free tp and paper towels at Rite Aid

Here's a great scenario for nearly Free tp/paper towels at Rite Aid this week

Scalpicin 4.49
Super Poligrip .75 oz 1.99
Scott Paper Towels 7.49
Scott Toilet Paper 7.49
Total: 21.46

$5/20 Rite Aidq Video Values
Free Super Poligrip .75 oz mq (10/4 RP)
$1/1 Scalpicin printable
$1/1 Scott Paper Towels printable HERE
$1/1 Scott Toilet Paper printable HERE
$2/1 Scott Rite Aid Video Values coupon
$2/1 Scott Rite Aid Video Values coupon
-Total: 13.99

Total oop: $7.47 +tax

$4.49 Scalpicin SCR
$2 Scott SCR

Also submit for $2 Scott Brand coupon (form prints when you print the coupon from Smartsource)


  1. Good deal! I always enjoy stocking up on TP and PTs.

    I did see the Q for the Free Super Poligrip today. Figures! lol

    Had I known it I'd have done my deal today. No doubt they will be all gone all week.
    Oh well, maybe I can get a raincheck...if the SCR isn't this week only...which it probably is...

  2. The Super Poligrip mq is for the .75oz cream, and the scr for it isn't until next week, so next week it's a moneymaker with this. I just thought something free would be good this week. The Super Poligrip powder (?) is the one that has an scr this week. But I'd rather pay nothing now, than pay something now and get $ back later, kwim?

  3. Thanks for the great post. I went to do my shop today. FYI - the coupons printed from the Rite-Aid website were manufacturers. So, they would not take those and the $1 off. Still got really cheap TP!!!

  4. tshanina- I did this exact deal today with no problems. Challenge the person who told you that is a manuq. It is NOT a manuq (even though it says that on the coupon)- yu can tell because you can't take it to another store and scan it and it work. . . It is a Rite Aidq. Any q released by Rite Aid that beings with a "RA" or an "RC" is a Rite Aid coupon that can be stacked with a true manuq. If you have questions, call customer service and have them verify. It is their corporate policy.

  5. I still haven't made it to Rite Aid this week. Gotta get with it.
    I'll use the Free coupons for next week, and the rest for fillers if I need to get my totals up to be able to use my $5/$20 coupons.

    Brandy's right, tshanina, they are supposed to accept both coupons together. I had Managers at 2 stores tell me the same. After the 2nd one I got irritated and wrote an email to Rite Corporate.
    The District Manager called me up and apologized and also sent me a $15.00 Gift Card for my troubles.

    The other day I was back in the first Rite Aid - not using any coupons they could possibly argue with - and the Store Manager said she owed me an apology, and admitted that she had been wrong.
    I hadn't even complained on her, so that was a big surprise. Alot of Managers won't ever admit they were wrong, but act like they are doing you a favor by "allowing" you to use both coupons.

    So you need to call or write Rite Aid Corp and let them know that the employees at your Rite Aid need proper coupon training.

  6. There is no longer a rite aid video for the Scott toilet paper but paper towels are still available. Thanks Earthymama for the deal awesome

  7. Christa- I believe it was available in September, sorry it's not available this time around!

  8. Hey, I found your site through Kelly's. You've got some great ideas! I used this one today with no problems. Since the rebate limit on the TP/paper towels is 2, I did it twice. The second time I used some other free coupons I had as fillers, a free coke, through the coke awards, and a free box of Lipton tea I got in the mail. (I think I requested the Lipton one through email.)

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Great job Karla! Thanks for stopping by! :) I love the free fillers to get to $20/$25 for the coupon. woohoo!