Friday, October 9, 2009

If your store considers Whole Foods a competitor

There are a few small mm's out there. These are not a weekly special, and possibly could be a better deal later, but if you are in need of any mm right now (like I am) here are some I found (thanks to the great posters on HCW)

Oikos Yogurt 5.3oz $1.79 (price varies)
-$1/1 mq 9/27ss {I have Atlanta Journals and Tennesseans for this week- this q was in the Tennessean and not the AJC. Go figure.)
-$1/1 Whole Foods q from Whole Deal booklet
=-$.21 {depending on price at your store}

Bear Naked Granola Bars (single serve) {I am really hoping my store has these in stock!} $1.59/ea
-$2/1 printable HERE {Sorry it appears these are no longer available!}
-$1/1 Whole Foods q from Whole Deal booklet

I am still hunting for mm's this week. There aren't many. The Knorr, if you got the $.45/1 mq (we didn't) or if you haven't used the printable yet- now would be the time. Same for the Nissin Chow Mein. If you have the coupon (I don't) it's a mm.

Sundown ongoing mm deal (if you can find it in stock at your store! I'm not counting on it)
Our tax is so high, this is really only a good deal if you buy the $2.99 bottles, and they're always sold out during this deal.


  1. Also reach floss is a money maker,there was 1 off coupon in 8/02 inserts and use i off publix coupon in the green advantage flier...they priced at 1.49 usually....

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I used all those q's last time around, but if you have some of those left, that's a good one. :)

  3. There is a .75/1 Thai Kitchen whole foods coupon. Combine that with the $0.50 printable that came out a while ago (expires 10/31) for $1.25 off any item. Anyone know how much the coconut milk is?

  4. Brandy, our Publix carries the Bare Naked bars (I bought one with the coupons you have listed last week). The tropical one is super yum!

    I wasn't able to find any vitamins on 3 of my shops this last week. :(

    I think the Reach floss may be a moneymaker but I haven't priced them yet (with the Advantage coupon and the insert coupon).

    The small packages of band-aids ($.79 cents ea. and use $3/2 First aid Q) are moneymakers but Maryland isn't carrying them. I've found them at other stores.

    Ok, that's all for now. Have a great weekend girl!

  5. I wasn't able to find the following Q's in our paper (did you look for these too)?

    Ronzoni 8/2/09 RP
    Knorr 8/30/09 SS
    Nissin Chow Mein 9/13 & 10/4 SS
    Halls Cough 9/27/09 SS
    Fiber One 10/4 SS

    We have a lame paper huh? LOL.

  6. Oh, I just found the Fiber One Yogurt. :)

  7. I got $1.00 off Oikos in my 10/04 SS. There's no Whole Foods around here so I can't use them. Let me know if you want them.

  8. Didn't you say you got some 10/04 AJC? Mine had $1 Reach floss in the RP this (past) week.

  9. Thanks for this post! I am so bummed that we don't have a ton of MM's this week. My grocery bill will actually be "high"! LOL!

    I can't seem to find the vitamins around here either. I'm starting to think my stores (which some of them are not so 'happy') might have even pulled the $2.99 ones off the shelf. ;)

  10. Kel- yep, I looked for those- I think the nissin and knorr must have been regional in a very small area, I haven't been able to find them even to buy. I got the Halls from the AJCs I got, but not in the Tennesseans. No Ronzoni pasta ones. :(

  11. Regarding the Reach- I'm not sure if the coupons we have will be mm's since the coupon in the Publix adv buy flyer is for the Total Care (I'm pretty sure- this is the more expensive one) I know the cheapest floss is $1.49, but the total care is somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.29...

  12. LA Girl in regards to "The small packages of band-aids ($.79 cents ea. and use $3/2 First aid Q) are moneymakers but Maryland isn't carrying them. I've found them at other stores."

    Are you referring to the $3/2 Johnson & Johnson first aid Q? I thought they could only be used on the Johnson & Johnson products with the Red Cross on them. I've also heard ppl saying they've been using them on the Johnson & Johnson buddy bar soaps. Can someone qualify for me?

    Thanks in advance.

    Reaping In Abundance,