Friday, October 2, 2009

Walgreens, take four.

I am trying to get the rest of my Herbal Essences before the week is up b/c we love that shampoo! But with the kids with me, i can't do more than a few transactions...and today I promised my daughter she could pick out an item of her choice since she tolerates all our shopping outings so well. :) So we blew some rr's on a toy for her, a toy for Z and some drinks. I also bought 2 Mucinex for my Mom (without coupons! *gasp*) but she is going to pay me back the difference of the cost oop and the rr I got back.

rr's starting out: $66.00

3 Herbal Essences
6 Halls
2 Mucinex
3 Chapstick
3 Fusion razor
6 Theraflu
8 seeds (these are so old they're out of the system and back to ringing full price- so watch carefully!!)
3 soft charms (fillers, $.25/ea)
1 dog toy think
1 baby toy thing
1 mt dew
1 water
Total oop (cash): $12.11
Total saved: $144.10

Total rr's left: $41.00
Reimbursed: $18.00 cash

1 comment:

  1. I found $2.00 Mucinex coupons at KMart Pharmacy and another pharmacy I can't recall right now. I saw Mucinex for Chilrens in the CVS Pharmacy this morning. It's like a 5x7 sheet of paper with a long, thin coupon along the bottom.

    Be nice if they'd have a good sale on Mucinex so we can stock up for winter.