Monday, October 26, 2009

Free cereal at Target

If you have a Target and a CVS near you, (unfortunately I don't), you can score some free Kellogg's.

First find some $1/1 blinkies- my Food Lion still has them (for Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks) then snag those and head over to Target, along with your CVS flyer.

CVS has Kelloggs cereals 2/$4. Target will price match this, so get your Apple Jacks, print out a $1/1 Kellogg's Target q, stack it with your blinkie.

Free Cereal!

ETA: When I price match, I don't even tell them I have coupons. I go to the CS desk and say, I have a price match for this item. Here's the item, here's the ad. I let them ring it up, when they announce the total, then I hand over my coupons. First the Target q's, then the mq's. I haven't had any trouble yet. Although, I have heard that the registers are getting sneaky with the coupons, so make sure all your coupons scanned before you leave the store!


  1. do you have to go to customer service to get the price adjustment or will they just do it at the register? thanks!

  2. Yes, they way I have done it in the past is to go get my items and check out at the CS desk. Easiest that way. (I have heard people say they bought them without the adjustment at the register, then gone to CS for reimbursement, but that seems a little backwards.)

  3. It was a nightmare...check out at CS because if you use a target coupon and a manuf coupon then CS has trouble doing the price took 4 people and 30 minutes to do it right. Also, my cashier was not giving me credit for my traget coupons...keep an eye out...these receipts are a little confusing now that they reduce certain amounts and then the coupons if you do not watch you can be the one cheated!

  4. I had no problem with the price matching on the cereal. Went to the CS, he gave me a receipt to take to the cashier with the adjusted price so she just scanned that instead of the cereal. So THAT worked but I had a ton of coupons for trial size products for charity and the computer wouldn't take any of them. She pushed them through for me but wasn't sure she was suppose to so kept calling various managers over.... it wouldn't accept my johnson baby product for the bath buddies and I've never had a problem with that before either.... in the end I think they did take them all but then the register ate my receipt. The manager did print me out another one but it's really hard to tell.. crazy! But I got free cereal, 3 Keelber cookies for .95 and a bunch of trail sizes stuff for cheap.