Friday, October 23, 2009

A great week!

This has been a great week.

I have been so busy shopping and trying to tell all of you about the good deals I've been finding that I haven't told you what I have bought. :)

I spent around $3 at Publix and saved around $400 on Monday.

Rite Aid- I spent around $80, but will get back somewhere in the neighborhood (ballparking here) of $140 for what I bought.

Walgreens- by far my best deals. I started the week with around $40 in rr's. I spent no more than a bit over tax on all the stuff I bought- Probably around $40, and today I had $105 in rr's when I was done. I decided to blow a bunch of rr's on stuff. :) Bought my 4-year old a Disney princess thermos that was on clearance, bought some other clearance items to build up my Christmas gift baskets, some of the Indiana popcorn that has a coupon in the October IVC book, and some drinks. And I still have $80-ish in rr's!!

CVS- bought some of the free after ecb's Glade candles with $3/1 mq's making them moneymakers. I didn't have any ecb's to roll, so I paid some oop but have $7/ea ecb's left to rolllllll

Kroger- found some bogo Glade coupons that I hope to be able to use at Target once our Target stores get the holiday candles in that offer the $5 gift card. (more on that moneymaking deal later...)


  1. I can't wait to see how you did this. Amazing.

  2. I hope you had better luck with the Glade Deal at Target than I did. I tried to buy 3 candle tins and 2 refills. Using (3) 1.50/1 that came in the tin and then the (2)B1G1 for 2 refills. They wouldn't allow it. I even took it to Customer Service. They kept saying I couldn't use a coupon on the item that I was using as the "Buy 1" portion of the B1G1 coupon. I tried very calmly to explain how coupons worked. They didn't get it. So, I just left. I figure there will be another glade deal somewhere else soon!

  3. Tara- I haven't tried it yet b/c our stores don't have the holiday scents in yet. The store closest to me will pull that stunt so I am not even going to bother trying it there. There is a better store near my Publix so I am going to attempt the deal at that one. :) It is SOOO hit or miss with the big chain stores. *sigh*

  4. I am new to this whole thing and am just amazed at your level of savings. I have checked with my Publix and the only competitors they take are Winn Dixie and Albertson's. Do you have any suggestions on deal making with this in mind? I noticed that you use a lot of Food Lion and we don't have that nearby. Also, I am curious how you got more than one of the Glade Deal at CVS last week. I was only able to get one. Thanks so much for yor posts....very helpful and fun!

  5. Terah- I am not familiar with those stores, but I have heard that WinnDixie is notorious for putting out $x/xx coupons, so be on the lookout for those. I think I remember someone saying they do catalinas there (It was either WD or Albertsons)? If memory serves (99% sure), someone said they would go and "help" bring in the carts from outside to the inside- and look for receipts. This person said he almost always found a $5/25 (or similar) crumpled up with a receipt in the parking lot or in the bottom of a cart. So that might be an idea. You could also start shopping there for gum, or a drink or something, I believe this same person said that when you use your card (?) it often printed good coupons, even if you never buy anything there. Might be worth a shot.
    Are you also in an area that doesn't double? FL region? True bogo, no doubles? That's a bit of a different animal, but you can still get great deals. Things like the Knox and Bear Naked coupons will get you overage too since there's no stacking and it doesn't involve doubling.

    I'll see if I can think of anything else.


    Oh- as for CVS, I have two cards, mine and I shop for my grandparents, so one is hers. :)

  6. Thanks so much! Yes, I am in FL. So far I have not seen any store that doubles either. I am having a lot of fun at CVS and Wags, though! I did just learn that I can use the WinnDixie $10 of $50 at publix so that helps!! Thanks, again for the suggestions....Terah