Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another super-cheap or freebie at Wags

Just stumbled across this deal- although we didn't get the Ricola coupons in our paper (whoa- big surprise) so I can't do the deal. :(

Ricola cough drops 2.49 (1.50 with in-adq)
Ricola cough drops 2.49 (1.50 with in-adq)

1 bogo Ricola mq 10/11 SS
{hand this one first, cashier will probably enter $2.49 and not $1.50)
-$.50/1 Wags q from Healthy Savings booklet = -$1.00 {register will automatically take off two}
-$.99/ea Wags in-ad q (taking them from $1.49 to $1.50 each}

If you hand the q's in that order, and cashier enters 2.49 for the price for the bogo q, then it will take off $5.47 from your total of $4.98. Overage of $.49 for two bags. Even if the cashier enters the price as $1.50 instead of $2.49, these will still be cheap.

Be sure to get other items in your transaction in case of overage. :)

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