Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Possible Band-Aid moneymaker at Walgreens

Allright, I want to preface this with...I don't know if this will work because of coupon wording. BUT several people have reported that they were able to do the deal, so I want to pass it along, because it's a great one if you a) feel comfortable doing it and b) have lenient cashiers/managers who will let you.

Deal: Children's character Band-Aids

Coupons Needed:
*$3/2 Johnson's blinkie mq from Publix (or other store) or $.50/1 or $1/1 mq from 8/2 SS
*Children's activity booklet coupons from Walgreens. Booklet can usually be found in the pharmacy, NOT with other workbooks. Booklet costs $.99 and coupons can be scanned and reused- you don't need to hand them over.
*10/11-10/17 weekly ad.

Children's Character Band-Aids are regularly $3.79.
In this week's ad, there is an in-ad q making these $1.99/ea.
Activity booklet coupon takes off $2/ea
Manufacturer's coupon is overage.

So, this is how you hand over your coupons to make this work:
Scan items.
Hand cashier any manufacturer's coupons.
Have cashier scan activity booklet Walgreens coupon.
Have cashier scan in-ad coupon.

Make sure you get extra items to cover overage. I recommend buying items that earn rr's, then you have an even bigger moneymaker. :)

The problem is that wording on the Activity booklet coupon states "off regular retail". This indicates that the coupon should actually not be used on sale items or in conjunction with the in-ad coupon.

Make of this what you will, but I wanted to share because it IS a great deal if you are successful! (especially for those of you with a four-year old like mine who insists on a band-aid for every "ouch")

Here's what the activity book looks like:

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