Sunday, October 4, 2009

The couponing dilemma

Most of the time, I think I have this coupon thing mostly figured out. Ha. Mistakes are still made. Lots of them.

The biggest dilemma that comes with couponing is the "when do I use the great coupon" question. Like those $1 Pillsbury coupons. I could have used them on the first Publix sale, but I decided to wait and risk not being able to get that good deal in hopes of a better deal, and now they'll be a mm with the soup at Publix. Now is when you use them (If I had them, but that's another story *sigh*)

So, Snuggle.

Snuggle high value coupons are out- $3/1 Snuggle. Selling ridiculously high on EBay and worth me making a few extra trips to the recycle bin and possibly incurring the wrath of the Recycle-nazi at the one here in town to try to find some more of these.

Snuggle is on sale 2/$6 at Food Lion, makes these FREE right now (through Tuesday). So, if I find it in stock (hoping for a raincheck), do I buy? Or do I hang onto them, hoping for a sale at Publix, possibly making them a mm? (and where I can also possibly cover tax with overage).

hmmmm.... decisions.

I decided to take Mel's advice (Thanks!) and do a search on HCW to see what kind of deals have been on for Snuggle. In the past year, the cheapest it has been at Publix is $2.99. It has also been 2/$6 a few times. So I went ahead and used the coupons I had at Food Lion. I paid $2.00 for (tax) seven bottles.


  1. Have you tried researching back in old blog/message board posts to see if Snuggle has ever gone on sale cheaper or BOGO?

    I can't remember what I was looking for...or maybe it was just something I ran across...a discussion about a recent sale or rebate that was the same or very similar to a sale or rebate about a year ago.

    I read somewhere about a P&G booklet supposed to come out on Oct. 11th...not sure where or anything...but they were saying maybe about waiting for it to do the Toys R Us P&G deal for the cookware rebate. Anyway I have no idea if the booklet will accompany any good sales.

  2. It was a pleasant surprise to see the 3/1 Snuggle coupon. I was also wondering what to save it for...

    What is your "recycle-nazi" like? I'm so curious, because I was harassed two times when I was at the recycle bins and I know of 2 other couponers who were too. I'm pretty sure it was a different area, but I'd still like to hear what happened to you and how you deal with freaked me out and I'm afraid to go there alone now! :(

    Also, you shop in Nashville, right? Does your store take the WAGs RR? Or, accept any drugstore q's?

  3. Lindsey, I took Mel's suggestion and searched for deals at Publix and in the past year, the cheapest this has been is either 2/$6 or $2.99/ea. I went ahead and used all my q's at Food Lion today.

    LOL- my recycle-nazi is at my closest recycle/garbage center. There are three guys that work there. One is an older black gentleman who could care less if I dig around in the bin for an hour. (love him). Another is a new white, heavyset, young-ish guy - I have only seen him once, and that time the bin was almost totally empty so I couldn't reach anything in there. The OTHER guy is the nazi. He is a middle-aged white guy (overweight). I was there once and was sorting around in the bin- which was stacked up to my eyeballs, I had pulled a few things out and suddenly I hear "MA'AM - THERE'S NO SCROUNGING THROUGH THE PRODUCTS" HAHAHAhahahahah!!! PRODUCTS!!! Those papers about to be recycled are PRODUCTS! And he pulled out his megaphone to say it!! ROFL!! Did he come over to see what I was doing? Nope. He just yanked out a megaphone and yelled that out. HA! I just hollared back- "I'm pulling out coupons!" and picked out the other two I saw, then (since I was done anyway, lol) I just hopped in my van and drove off.

    I do shop in Nashville. My store does take RR's since they are manufacturer coupons- the store will get reimbursed.

  4. I didn't take my own advice, lol, but gambled that even if it went any cheaper it wouldn't be but a few cents, so I went ahead and got mine tonight, too. Four bottles and two boxes for $1.29 which was only tax.

  5. Do you mind me asking which Nashville store(s) you shop at that will take the RR?
    I'm usually in Hermitage or Mt. Juliet and they said they won't take them there...although I wish they would because they will get reimbursed...
    I'm thinking it may be worth it for me to even drive across town to another store, if I have enough RR to use.

    That's really funny about the recycling guy. "The products" haha. The recycling bins I stop at are metro public ones...not manned, just in the parking lot. But, there is some crazy lady who has driven by and harassed me twice about it. I heard the same lady did it to another couponer too. It's weird because she is not doing recycling. It's like she just drives by and looks for couponers.

  6. Lindsey, I shop at Maryland Farms 90% of the time and occasionally Belle Meade. Both stores take RRs. I am pretty sure that Franklin, Cool Springs, Spring Hill, Smyrna and Nippers Corners all take rr's, but I am not totally sure about those.

    Can you tell me which recycling bins you go to? I haven't been able to find hardly any inserts lately. :( Sheesh! The next time that lady shows up, ask her if she has a problem with the military. Tell her, well you know I donate most of my coupons to the military overseas. (And if you do send your expireds, it's not a lie, after all, you probably don't use the majority of your inserts and those will get donated.). I mean what can she say, oh, you shouldn't DARE send coupons to our servicemen and women!
    Nope, don't think so.
    That will put her in her place.

  7. Thanks for the ETA, now I can go use my coupons!

  8. Ok...I know this is kind of a late reply... :( Sorry!

    The bins I go to are in Hermitage...near Hobby Lobby, in the parking lot there. I met another lady there a few weeks ago and we've tried to go together a few times so it's less scary if someone else has got your back. You are welcome to join if you want. Might be kinda far for you to drive, if you are not usually in this part of town...but, if you like, I can go almost anytime if you need a DD partner.
    That military line will probably work quite well. It would be hard for anyone to argue with that. I really like that idea, actually!

    Do any of your Publix's take any other competitors besides FLIP's? Any Target or other drugstore q's?

  9. Lindsey- no problem. :) You're right, I'm rarely (never) in Hermitage, but My grandparents live in Madison- just over the river from there. I might have to plan on doing that on one of my next trips down your way. That would be fun!
    Hard to find stores that take drugstore q's, but there are several in Brentwood/Franklin that take Target q's. I'm pretty sure Belle Meade, Cool Springs, Spring Hill, Smyrna, Maryland Farms and Concord all take Target q's.