Monday, March 1, 2010

Win some, lose some

Just so you guys don't think that I have the best luck on the planet, I'll share my experience from today.
I have the best Wags in the world, and I've worked hard at building a good relationship with them but occasionally they are out of stock of something, or don't carry something I need/want. This week, I really wanted to stock up on Purex. I was able to get four at my store, but they only had 5 so hopefully they'll get some more on the truck tomorrow. But I really wanted the Free and Clear which they don't carry.

So I trucked myself over to the store I don't like, where there is an Ass Mgr (abbreviation meant that way, because he really is, coupon or no coupons.) who has even called the police on a couponer before because he thought they had fraudulent coupons! Anyway, I try not to shop there, but I was sincerely hoping he wouldn't be there and the good manager who just transferred from my favorite store would be there.

Not the case.

I found the Purex, and the Free and Clear, but when I tried to check out, I got the ...oh...I don't know...can you use these... blah blah from the cashier. She called the manager and I just cringed. I already knew he wasn't going to have it. He put the smackdown on me and said they got a letter from LP saying they couldn't do it. I'm not sure why that would be the case since it's totally legit and the store will get reimbursed. I said I had already bought a few at another store and he said (and this is my all-time favorite comment) "They're not supposed to". Oh really. So I said, well if corporate has told me I can use them, and I use them at another store, but you say I can't, someone is lying. I'll just go spend my money at another Walgreens." And I picked up my coupons and my son and we left.

I then called corporate. Mostly because the guy is such an a*******, I told the guy what happened and he took my number and name for the SM to call me back.

Now, my hub delivers Pepsi to this store and the SM has TOLD my hub (not realizing that his wife is a couponer) that he doesn't like couponers and he doesn't understand c0upons. Nice.

So not ten minutes later, my phone rings. I wasn't expecting a call back until tomorrow so I didn't answer it b/c I want to calm down first.

But seriously.

It happens to the best of us.


  1. That sucks. I did it no problem yesterday at the Antioch store- my new favorite. I ran into Beverly there too from our class. She said it's a great store- I've only just started going there. So far they are really nice. Don't think they had the Free and Clear though... I got the Natural one. Will your awesome Wags order the Free and Clear for you even if they don't normally carry it?

  2. They would totally do it, but these q's expire on Saturday and their order for this week's truck (tomorrow) went out on Saturday- so it's too late to get them in before the q expires. Rats. I might have to hit up a few Wags while I'm in town on Wednesday and hopefully find a good one! :) Which Antioch Wags? There are quite a few! lol.

  3. My store denied my BOGO q's today! :( The cashier acted like "I can't let you have four free bottles"! I will try another store, but I wonder if I need to contact corporate. Is this a dead end?

  4. Anon- Walgreens is like Publix that the Store Manager makes most Coupon policy decisions. So you can talk to the Store Manager about it and try to talk some sense into them...but good luck! lol. Might be easier to hit up another store and see if you have better luck.

  5. I didn't notice that those BOGO purex expired so soon! It's not far into Antioch- just keep going down Old Hickory past the church where we had our class, through Nolensville RD and then a few smaller lights. It's on the left off of OHB (now called Bell rd). Before you get to I-24.
    Address: 1301 Bell Rd Antioch. phone number 837-6990 (just decided to pull out my receipt- could done that first:)) I didn't LOOK for the Clear and Free one, so maybe they have (or had) it. I should go back, too and get a few more- use up my last few q's before they expire.

  6. Sorry about your bad experience. I hate when you get a miserable cashier/manager!

  7. Colleen- oh yeah, that's the Wags I used to shop at when I lived in Antioch. :) They always were nice.