Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great printable coupons!

Super high value deodorant coupons HERE

If I've ever told you to print now and don't wait...but you didn't listen, trust me on this one- get them now!!

One of these - the Suave, goes on sale $1 at Kroger all the time, so that's overage with that coupon.


  1. I am unable to print Bricks coupons. It asks me to install the coupon printer and I do but once I'm finished it still doesn't let me print and asks me to install the printer again. I've tried it a ton of times and it is very frustrating! Do you have any idea why it won't work??

  2. If you're using Firefox and printing an IE coded Bricks q (or ViceVersa) then you'll get an error. You have to change the code. In the address bar, look for the letters "wg&o" or "wi&o" or "vg&o" or "vi&o"
    If the address has an "i", change it to a "g", if it's a "g" change it to an "i"

    Here's my original post about this: