Friday, March 19, 2010

Kraft Cheese at Food Lion...nearly free

I am thinking I may stock up on MORE cheese at Food Lion this week! Luckily, I just discovered that it freezes nicely- just toss the entire bag of shredded cheese in the freezer and thaw when needed.

There's a new Kraft shredded cheese BOGO blinkie showing up in Food Lion stores (snagged some today) and it pairs really well with the current Kraft event. ($5 off instantly wyb 5)
This event has a limit of one per transaction, which stinks, but separate your transactions out and here are a few possibilities:

4 Kraft shredded cheese $2.50/ea
1 Kraft deli slices $2.50

Save $5 instantly

2x Kraft bogo blinkies= $5
1x $1/1 Kraft deli slices blinkie (no longer in stores)
1x $1/2 Kraft cheese blinkie

=Total oop $.50
(the last q might beep, it's valid usage of q's, to use the $1/2 on the two you're purchasing to GET the two free, but some stores may not let you combine them, so YMMV, even without that one, it's still only $1.50 oop!)

Or, if you don't have the $1/1 Kraft deli slices blinkie, you can do this:
6 Kraft shredded cheese $2.50/ea

$5 off instantly

3x Kraft bogo blinkies = $7.50
1 $1/1 Kraft blinkie

=$1.50 oop

if you live in the SE region of Kroger sales, and your cheese is $.99 after mega, you could do THIS
(most of the times at Kroger, the register recognizes the "free" items value on a bogo coupon as the regular retail price, so, assuming the bags of kraft shredded cheese are regularly retail priced $3.69, the value would come off as $3.69 instead of $1.49 or $.99. Even if the coupon asks for an actual value to be entered, the cashier will usually enter $1.49 since that is the value of the item before mega).

So it might look like this (YMMV)
8 Kraft cheese $.99/ea after mega

4 Kraft bogo blinkies @ $3.69/ea = $14.76

=$6.84 Overage!

If the register takes off $1.49 for the sale price of the cheese, then your oop would be $1.96 for all 8. (If you are able to also use a X/XX with the bogo, then you could get this deal to go even lower, but I think the register will beep, the cashier would have to push it through.

For those of us in Nashville/Louisville region, our cheese is $1.67 after mega. So it would look like this:

8 Kraft cheese $1.67/ea after mega

4 Kraft bogo blinkies @ $3.69/ea = $14.76

=$1.40 Overage!

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