Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Deal on Tropicana and One-A-Day!

Go now (if you haven't already) HERE and join Tropicana Rewards and print a BOGO coupon for Tropicana. (It's only going to be available to print TODAY!)

This week at Publix, Tropicana is on sale 2/$5, since the bogo coupon expires in a fairly short period of time, you'll want to use it soon, so go on Saturday through Tuesday (after the new green adv. buy flyer comes out) and do this (you'll also need to snag a $2.50/juice wyb One-A-Day vitamins blinkie, found at Publix by the juice):

2x Tropicana $2.50/ea
One-A-Day vitamin $5.69

BOGO Tropicana mq (=$2.50)
$2/1 Publix Vitamin coupon in flyer (if you still have your Publixq from the Family Style magazine, it's for $2.50/1 so that makes it even cheaper)
$2/1 One-A-Day vitamin mq
$2.50/1 juice blinkie

=$1.69 for vitamins and 2 juices!


  1. I need both of those items so I am hoping to find the blinkie and do this today. It appears that we didn't get the 2/1 vitamin q though in SS 1/3. I was able to find a $1/1 though in the Bayer coupon booklet found at both Publix and Kroger for the last while. They expire 3/31 though.

  2. Brandy, great scenario. I'll be gettin' me some one-a-day this weekend. Found a way to make the Flinstones/Tropicana deal work yesterday (kicking myself a little that I didn't do the deal last week when the Flinstones were on sale). :)

  3. I have some $2/1 One-A-Days, not totally sure where I clipped them from since I already clipped them all out.

    Kelly, well, look at it this way- there wasn't the $bogo ip to add to the scenario, so it woudn't have been as good.

  4. Good point. You made me feel better instantly. LOL.

    I shopped at Moore's last night. No sundown but I still managed to have a good shop. :)

  5. Is there anybody out there that printed these off yesterday that won't be using them? Unfortunately, I didn't get on the computer until today & the deal is gone. :(

    I will give you my address if you'd be willing to share! :)

  6. $2/1 One-A-Day is from the 1/3/10 SS. Got it. I'd rather get the Flinstones but if I can't find anymore of the $2.50/1 Publix Flinstones Q's then I'll go with the One-A-Day. :)

  7. I did it today- did cost me $2.19 but not bad for 2 Tropicanas and 1 children's vitamins. I was amazed to find the blinkie there where you said it would be at my store!
    Thanks for the deal!
    I wonder where you found the 2/1- maybe a time when you got the AJC?

  8. I did look in SS 1/3 but I don't think we got it in Nashville- unless I missed it. That's certainly possible! I wanted the kids ones anyway!

  9. I worked this in Fairhope yesterday, thanks for the scenario. Free OJ and 2.49 for a childrens bottle of Flinstones not bad at all!!!