Monday, March 1, 2010

New printable Publix coupons!

Go HERE for a Publix q: BOGO Oscar Meyer Deli Creations
and HERE for a Publixq: $.75/1 Oscar Meyer Deli Creations
If you have any mq's for these (tearpads and March All Youare two places) you can use one of each store q and stack them with a mq to surely get these free or cheap.

$.55/1 Country Crock HERE
$1/1 Hellman's Mayo HERE {This is one of the three things I am brand loyal to! I love this coupon!}
$1/1 Dove GoFresh Bodywash 24oz HERE
$1/1 Lever 2000 8 pack Refreshing Bar Soap HERE
(there are various mq's available, and paired with a sale, these should be some good deals!)

Available again!
Go HERE for Publix q's:
$1/1 Chocolate Cheerios
FREE Greek Yoplait Yogurt

The Chocolate cheerios one will go great with the $1.25/1 ip that is no longer available if you still have it, or the $.50/1 (doubled) from the 2.21.10 SS A bogo sale will get you free Cheerios!

And, go HERE (zip 63366) for a $.30/1 Greek Yoplait coupon. Doubled to $.60, stacked with the "free" Publix q = overage! :)


  1. No more Publix Q's for Cheerios or Greek Yoplait. :(

    Hope your class went well last weekend. I was thinking of you!