Saturday, March 27, 2010

While at Kroger

Don't forget your free snickers! Clip the $.50/2 Snickers mq from 2.21.10 RP and pick up a few snickers bars. They're on sale for $.50, so after your q doubles, you'll get two for free. (or 38. lol.) I had 19 coupons and I used them all. They're sitting pretty in my freezer. :) The store had tons and tons. My 38 didn't even clear out half of one box at one register. There were probably 50+ at each register.


  1. Thanks, Brandy! I am "MelissaRaeCake" at HCW. I live in West Nashville, and I know we have "talked" on HCW. I just bookmarked your blog. You seem to have the "inside scoop" for the stores I go to, so I will be checking your blog!

  2. Got me some snickers yesterday too! What a great deal right?

  3. Hey Melissa! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    yummmm I love frozen snickers! (not that I need them...)