Friday, March 5, 2010

Donations please

I am passing along this request from my very closest friend that I have known for 22 years: She is going on a volunteer trip to Guatemala in a few weeks and has asked me if I have any (or know of anyone who has any) donated items she can take with her.

The group she is working with is called Common Hope. The group's main goal is a focus on education and providing support to families so that their children can graduate high school. Education is the key to move from poverty. Any donations we can send will help to redirect monies to other key necessities (building materials, doctors, etc).

Here is a list of items they are always looking for: (you can get toothbrushes and bandaids free at Target right now!):

School supplies (markers, pencils, construction paper, glue, scissors)
Children's books in Spanish
Coloring books
Tooth brushes
Vitamins (children;s multi, women's multi and prenatal)
Socks (adult for old folks home, child for kids at Common Hope)
Lotion (for old folks home)
(anything else you have that you'd like to donate will be put to good use!)

If you have any of these items and would like to donate them to this very worthy cause, please send me an email at I will be in Nashville, in the Brentwood area, next Friday and can collect anything for her at that time. If that is not a good time, she lives in the West End area and can probably meet up with anyone that would like to donate items at a more convenient time.

In addition, for those of you not local to Nashville, she will be flying out of Atlanta to Guatemala in a few weeks and can likely meet up while she is down there before leaving the states. So if you're in Georgia, and would like to donate items, shoot me an email and I'll connect you with her.

And lastly... (lol) if you're interested in donating but are not local to Nashville or north/middle GA, I am in the process of getting an address to ship items to, if anyone is interested.

Thanks so very much everyone!!!

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