Thursday, March 18, 2010

If you have a KMart near you- you don't want to miss this coupon!

Here's a ridiculous coupon for you! (that's a good ridiculous!)

$10/$20 coupon at KMart!

Go HERE and click on the little red box on the upper right side. This is a pdf, so save it while it's available, this one is good until 5/22!

Several good deals right now with this one.

If the new Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog is on your list, check this deal out:

The Princess and the Frog $20.99
Princess Tiana Doll $10.99

You will instantly save $10 for buying DVD and doll.

$10/20 KMart coupon HERE
$5/1 DVD q from HERE

Submit for THIS $5 rebate (you'll need to buy two boxes of Band-Aids, see Target deal for free Band-Aids)

=$1.98 oop after coupons and rebates!

There is also another rebate HERE but you have to buy some Frog Tape and I think it's kind of pricey, so unless you can get it with overage somewhere, it might not be worth it to you.

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  1. Lacy (navyfrugalista)March 18, 2010 at 11:04 PM

    i don't have a Kmart near me and I have not checked the ad online but there is also a $10 off Princess and the Frog Blu Ray/DVD combo q here...
    This might sweeten the deal a bit perhaps??? Love the blog and thanks!!