Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What store is your weakness?

Everyone has a weakness. A store they can't walk in without spending a fortune and totally blowing your budget. I have let my Sam's card expire since every time I walk in there I spend $100 on four or five items.

But my real weakness is Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I can't go near those places. If I do, I spend so much money on things that are delicious, yes, but way out of my budget! (I especially fall for the toddler and kid organic snacks, $4 for a box of Teddy Puffs? Sure!)

So what store gets you?


  1. I've always been a cheap-o, but used to my "get me" store was the Dollar Tree. "It's only a dollar", right.

    But now that I know how far a dollar will go, the Dollar Tree is too expensive! lol

    I guess, though, Home Depot/Lowes would be my budget-buster stores. We are constantly working on home improvement/remodeling projects around the house and yard, always needing something. Just about everytime we go in there for something, we come out with several other things, too.

  2. Fast Food lol Its not like we don't have food

  3. I have a weakness for Trader Joe's but I do budget for a few trips there a month.... so I have to say I try to stay away from target! If I stick to my plan, I'm ok but if I get distracted by the clearance deals or clothes.....

  4. I must have a list before stepping into Whole Foods and Super Target.