Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Publix deal beginning 3/5

Head to Publix with your Birdseye coupons between Friday and Tuesday!
The new yellow flyer has a $1/2 Birdseye steamfresh veggies/rice Publix coupon. These are 50% off this week. And there is a $.50/1 mq and a $.35/1 mq out.

Overage with any combination of Publix and mq on the $1.79 veggies and on the $2.39 veggies, use the $.50/1 and Publix q for overage/free veggies!

(Too bad I shopped today for this week's sale. *pout*)


  1. That is our big purchase this week at Publix. Most of the deals aren' eye catching for us, but cheap frozen veggies?!?! Yes, please!!

  2. I know! That was on my list for the week- I am hoping they'll go 50% off again before the yellow flyer expires. They go on sale regularly, so *fingers crossed*!!

  3. Same here. Its funny because we just ran out of frozen veggies and the idea of going back to canned was not appealing. AT ALL!! Spoilt by the coupons. :)