Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cheap Huggies Wipes

If you're in the market for baby wipes, clip out the $.50/1 Huggies wipes q from last week's Smartsource and head to Kroger. Some of the Kroger stores are clearancing the tubs of Huggies natural care, lightly scented wipes- prices found have been between $1.37 and $1.67. With a doubled $.50/1 q that makes these pretty cheap!


  1. Brandy, checked two stores today and neither one of them had the Natural Care on clearance. :(

    Went to Kroger on Nolensville near Concord Rd. and Nipper's Corner (am posting it here in case anyone else is thinking of heading out to these stores to find the clearanced items). Don't make the trip.

    If you're interested in this deal then call your local Kroger to see if they are clearanced before heading out.


  2. Nipper's had them on clearance, I saw a tag when I ran in there yesterday, but they were all gone. It's only the lightly scented ones, not the fragrance free, so maybe by the time you got there they had already taken the tags for that one down (they were still up yesterday). I did find them at one of the Madison Kroger stores still in stock, I bought three and there were still at least 7... so they're out there!

  3. BTW, were they in the regular baby aisle or in the clearance bins?

  4. Great. Thanks for the follow-up. I'll try and hit a few more in the area and see what's out there.

  5. regular baby aisle- there were the fragrance-free ones (regular price) and next to those were the lightly scented ones, with a tag of $1.67 (I didn't find the $1.37 ones), but 67 cents is still pretty good!

    I should have mentioned I stopped in the Nippers store, could have saved you a trip- sorry!