Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grumble Grumble Harris Teeter triples Grumble

I haven't shopped HT in quite some time. I've been avoiding it and luckily the last few times the deals haven't been THAT great to pull me in.

Unfortunately this time I see a few things that would be great to score free and since I'll already be down there on Wednesday, and have my grandmother with me (to make the trip worth it- 20 q's for her and 20 for me) I guess I'll swing by there and see if there are any freebies left by the time I get there.

I know, I should be thankful for the great deals, but I am just sad that Kroger hasn't been matching! I find HT very difficult to maneuver what with the rules and regulations. I'm thinking positive thoughts that Kroger will match it this time around though.

If you see any HT triples items YOU are planning on snagging, share them!


  1. I'm sad with you, since our Food Lions quit having triples. Now we only ever have Ingles does it two maybe three times a year, and I didn't even go last time because the rules and regs are so ridiculous.

    Here's hoping your Kroger decides to match again.

  2. I haven't attempted HT yet. The closest one is about 25-30 miles away and I'm just not sure if it would be worth a trip to only be able to use 20 coupons. I do get jealous though when I read about the great deals everyone else gets.

  3. Stephanie, if you do decide to do triple coupon week at Harris Teeter make sure you go the first day and get there right when the sale starts (usually 7:00am on the day of the sale). It won't be worth the drive otherwise as most items that are free or close to free sell out quickly.

    My hubby went at 7:30am this week on the first day and several of the items were already sold out.