Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

We finally got it. I have been waiting for a good deal on this (missed out on the KMart deal) and here's what I did

The Princess and the Frog DVD $13.99
-$5/1 printable coupon HERE

2 kid band-aids $1.82
-$1/1 Target q HERE
-$.50/1 mq 3.10.10 RP (also a $1/1 in the 1.3.10 RP)

I paid for both these transactions using gift cards I have been earning and holding/rolling at Target (Fusion razors, Olay body wash, Sobe Lifewater, etc) I also purchased some Kids Crest using the $1/1 Target q and the $1/1 mq from the 2/21/10 P&G insert and got $.51 overage on each- used that toward the DVD as well, saving even more. :)

Submit for $5 MIR for Band-Aids/Princess and the Frog. HERE is the MIR

Then tomorrow I am buying some Success Rice at Publix with overage and a $.55/1 peelie I found and submitting for the Success/Princess and the Frog $5 MIR found HERE.

All free! Plus get $10 back!

And my daughter is THRILLED. lol. (ok, me too, it's a really good movie)


  1. This is a great deal :) Where did you find the .50/1 bandaid mq???

  2. It was in the 3.14.10 RP, but there were also $1/1 Band-Aid q's in the 1.3.10 RP. I had already used all those though.

    My daughter was sooooo excited. :)

  3. Hey Brandy! If you find a great coupon/deal on the Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 dvd, please post it! My almost 11 year old son has hinted that he would like to get it for Easter. We have not seen it, so I may just get it from Redbox for a few nights to make sure we want to own it.