Saturday, November 21, 2009

FLip deals

I may be behind the 8-ball here, but I found a few deals using FLips.

If you're using the FLips at Publix:

$1/1 Ore-Ida FLip (good on ANY)
Use on the $1.09 Easy Fries

If you're actually shopping at Food Lion, there are a few good deals using FLips.

Mrs.Smith pies are bogo @ 5.49. There was a $1/1 in the 9/27 or 11/15 SS and there is a $1/1 FLip, buy one and use one of each, pay $.75 plus tax for a Mrs Smith pie! We love the Dutch Apple, so I'll be stocking up on those!!

Then there's a new $2/$5 Deli/Bakery FLip. If you are in need of these items- it's pretty cheap- here's a scenario for you:
1 Food Lion Pumpkin or Sweet Potato pie @ $3.99 (regular price/pre-MVP)
{-$1.99 MVP }
1/4 lb Virginia Ham @$1.37 (regular price/pre-MVP)
{-$ .37 MVP}
= $5.36 pre MVP
=$3 after MVP card is scanned

$2/$5 deli/bakery FLip

Grand Total $1.00 + tax

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  1. OOPS!! I'm on my laptop and I just accidentally rejected three comments (from Amy, Deena and Dr Mom) instead of publishing! SORRY!!!!

    To answer the comments- Deena, Food Lion bogos ring up like Publix where one rings up half price. I bought one at half price, used one of each coupon.

    Amy- I didn't even LOOK at the size! I just saw "Mrs Smith pie" and the register accepted it. I'll have to go re-look at my q's (still have some). I know there are q's from two different inserts so maybe they're different? Make of that what you will.

    Dr Mom- you're welcome! :)