Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday deals. How'd you do?

So how many of you went out and braved the stores today? Where'd you go? What'd ya get?

I made out pretty good. My Mom came up and watched the kids so I could go out shopping. I went to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Target, Walgreens, Lowes and Rite Aid. (In that order)

I hit Wally-world around 9am, and it was after the first herd ran through so I was pleasantly surprised to find the parking lot only about half full. I found all the toy items I was looking for and a few pair of pjs- none of the other clothes I wanted were in stock. Luckily, before I left my house this morning I remembered that I could lower my oop by buying the Adams collars for overage. :) As I was browsing, I had a list and found several things quickly, but couldn't find the two things I wanted for my son. I looked and looked. Finally I spotted one item sitting by its lonesome on the top of a huge stack of dolls (snagged it!) and after asking an employee about the other item and looking around, I found one in a return cart. So I got the last of each item! *whew*
~So here's what I got:
7 Adams collars $.97/ea
-$3/1 Adams product
1 Corelle dinnerware set $18
4 pj sets $3/ea
2 DVDs $2/ea
1 Playskool Choo Choo Train $9
1 Fisher Price wonderball thingee $9
1 Dress-up trunk $19
1 Pyrex 2qt pan $2
1 Pyrex pie pan $2
Total pre-coupon: 99.42
Total oop: $78.42

KMart was dead too. Ok, well, it was way busier than KMart EVER is! But still dead. The toy items I was looking for were gone, but I did get the clothes I wanted.

2 pair pants for my daughter 3/$10
1 long-sleeved shirt for my daughter 3/$10
3 Wonderkids clothing items for my son 3/$10
1 pajama set for my son $5.49
1 Christmas dress for my daughter $7.79
4 Long-sleeved t's for me $3.99/ea {Which I hate the fit and am returning}
1 Winter coat for my daughter $24.99
Total oop: $81.28
{-$17.60 for the return}
Grand total (after return): $63.68

Wow. Toys-R-Us was a MADHOUSE and I got there around 11am. I can't imagine what it must have been like at midnight when they opened. I guess that's why some woman at my TRU got TRAMPLED!!! (go HERE for story) I found two items out of five. I wanted to get my mitts on one of the Little Einstein rockets for $9.99 that was normally over $45. Unfortunately that was not meant to be.

1 Doctor kit $5.99
1 Clipo Explorestation $14.99
Total oop: $22.97

I mostly went to see if they had the Little Einsteins item to price match (didn't know if they had it or would pm it, but it couldn't hurt to try). They didn't have it and really didn't have any "have to have it" deals. So I bought paper I needed and was on my way.

1 ream 750-sheets paper $5.59
Total oop: $6.01
-Used $5 gc
Total cash paid: $1.01

After all this money flying out of my wallet (which, my very stingy wallet was VERY un-used to! LOL!!) I had to see some SUPER deals so I went to my beloved Walgreens. :) I had already shopped yesterday for all the BF deals and a bunch of toys. Yesterday I spent about $24 (all tax) which means I saved approximately $240, plus the savings on the sales price.

Today I got
2 Dove deos $3.99 <--Earn $4rr wyb 1
-$1/1 mq (when I bought Dove, it printed another $1/1 mq!)
2 Nivea shave gels #2.49 <-- Earn $2.50rr wyb 1
-$1/1 mq
3 Lubriderm $3.79 <--Earn $8rr wyb 3
-$2/1 mq x2
-$1/1 Wagsqx3
4 Triaminic $5/ea <-- Earn $5rr wyb 2
-$3/2 mq x2
-$2/1 Wagsqx4

4 Tuf Towels $.49/ea w/in-adq
9 Gift sacks $.10/ea
1 Wii Fit knockoff $20
1 Tinkerbell flying toy $9.99
10 Red Baron pizzas $1.99/ea
-$1/1 mqx6
Total oop: $9 (tax basically)
-I have left $21 rr's - been rolling around a bunch and spending them on Christmas gifts, Fluctuated between $91 and $21 over the last week. :)

Went for a shelving unit. To store all my grocery overage in my garage. LOL We also needed an air filter for our house.
Here's a tip for you Lowes shoppers. Any time you plan on shopping at Lowes, run by the post office. Pick up a "moving " envelope. You know, it's the envelope you get to change your address. Inside the envelope, there are coupons. There is ALWAYS a 10% off your total purchase coupon for Lowes in there.

1 Shelving unit $44.98
2 Storage bins 2/$5.98
1 House Air Filter $8.87
-10% off total purchase q
Total oop $58.95

Rite Aid
Alright. I've been trying to track down the MP3 players that are $29.99 with a $10scr. These are regularly priced at $50. Unfortunately my regular store HAD 8 to 10 of these a few weeks ago ...until they got shoplifted. The manager was telling me he has been ordering them for weeks and has been unable to get them in. RATS!! This is a SUPER deal!! You pay $29.99, use a $5/25 coupon, and get $10 scr back. Making this $15. !! *sigh*
I also want to mention that I was playing by the rules regarding the razor purchase. Some of the razors were labeled "1 per customer" I shopped RA yesterday and only got one of each type. I did the same at the first store today. (Some weren't labeled, so I got a couple of those). But when I got to the second store, here was a woman shelf-clearing the razors. She bought all the disposables and all the women's intuitions (she didn't see an endcap of sale items, so I was able to get three). I watched her check out and the cashier didn't care that she got them all. So I figured what the heck, I'll take the men's ones that are left. Sinking to her level? Perhaps, but I did need them for my gift baskets!

First store (not my regular store, looking to see if they had the MP3s- they didn't)
2 Schick Intuition razors $1.99/ea
-$2/1 mq
2 Schick Men's Titanium razors $1.99/ea
-$2/1 mq
1 Schick disposables $.99
-$1/1 mq
1 Rite Aid Nail Polish Remover $2.20
-$2 off $2 beauty purchase RA coupon ip
1 20oz Mt Dew $1.49
1 Secret deo $2.49
-$1/1 mq
1 Scope mouthwash $3.99
-$1/1 mq
Used $5/20 VV coupon
Total oop: $2.17
~SCR's earned: $3, $1.50

Second store (my store)
2 Schick Intuition razors $1.99/ea
-$2/1 mq
5 Schick Men's Titanium razors $1.99/ea
-$2/1 mq
1 M&M $.50
5 Angel Soft $.99/ea
Used $5/20 VV coupon
Total oop: $1.83


  1. wal-Mart was the closest one to me, in Clarksville, off Exit 11. :)