Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kroger triples

Don't forget your $.50/1 beef coupon for triples!

See my post here for info on getting this coupon.

I'm planning on heading down to Nashville tomorrow, so I'll post my deals when I get home. :)


  1. Just came from kroger in Belle Meade and they are not tripling :(

  2. I know that in the past, they have not "decided" to match triples/super-doubles until mid-morning, around 11am. I'm waiting around to see what the deal is. :) I'm sure this brings in a lot of business for those stores, so hopefully they'll keep doing it.

  3. Brentwood is! Usually Nipper's Corner does too but haven't checked yet.

  4. I am SO pumped about all the sales at Kroger this week! Mega Event + Competitor coupons + triples= LOTS of free stuff! I am sure that I will be going back again. I'll try for tomorrow or Friday, I think.

    Here were my totals from today. I did 2 transactions back-to-back (since they only triple 20/transaction).
    *All prices are AFTER Mega savings

    FYI: The Kroger in Brentwood is open 24 hrs (so you can shop late if you hubs is willing!)

    Transaction #1:
    5 Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread
    4 Pillsbury Pie Crusts
    3 Land O Lakes Spreads
    8 Pepperidge Farm Cookies
    -$5 competitor coupon
    Total: $59.08
    Total after coupons: $.04
    Savings: 99.9%!

    Transaction #2:
    3 Ground Round chubs
    4 Yoplait Gogurt
    1 International Delights coffee creamer
    8 Nestle Toll House Morsels
    2 Scotch Tape
    2 Carnation Evaporated Milk
    2 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray
    1 Right Guard
    1 Wishbone Salad Dressing
    -$5 competitor Q
    Total: $74.77
    Total after coupons: $3.37
    Savings: 95.5%!

    *NOTE: I accidentally grabbed Ground Round instead of Ground Chuck (on sale for $1.98 ea). I will be exchanging the 3 ground round for ground chuck. After that, I should get $3.12 (+ tax) back, making my total oop less than $.25!!

  5. Brentwood is the only one I know of that is tripling. I went to Nippers tonight all set and they weren't doing it. :(
    Brentwood was insanely crowded- but mostly with Seniors for Seniors day.

  6. Awesome shopping trip Jennifer!! I hit up Belle Meade today to do my deals. :) I did four transactions at the self-checkout. And it was PACKED!!! It took forever maneuvering around all the seniors. :D

    Colleen- I am surprised Nippers isn't participating- perhaps they will be as of tomorrow.

  7. I was at Nipper's at around 5, and they were trippling! I did 2 transactions! I didn't notice if there were signs or not, I just shopped since I'd already been to the Franklin Road store earlier for triples!

    Franklin Road was PACKED! I got stuck in an aisle for at least 3 min waiting to get around all the people! LOTS of couponers and lots of seniors! :o) Did find 20 things though!

    Nipper's corner was less packed and had more in stock!

    I had to grab lots of stuff at the checkout too! Fortunately there were a few things I needed in aisles close by! I miscalculated too and had to grab about $5 worth of stuff so I didn't go negative! I know better to have an item or two to eat the overage if necessary that I'll just tell them I decided not to get if I don't need it. My last transaction I had tp to cover what was left! And I needed it!

  8. Colleen, I went to Nipper's yesterday afternoon (11/4) and they were tripling. I asked before I started shopping and the register tripled everything.

  9. Jennifer, what competitor Q did you use? I didn't think that Kroger took competitor Q's (at least they haven't in the past). Let us know and thanks!