Sunday, November 29, 2009

Walgreens, week of 11/29

This week walgreens starts their mid-week sales ads. So there's an ad today and then another sale starting Wednesday. They really want to get you in the door! Multiple times!

Sales starting today, moneymakers and freebies:

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 12 oz. $7.99
-$1 Complete Multi-Purpose Solution, Any 12 Oz. RP 10/25
~earn $8 RR

Oral-B products $2.50/ea
Indicator toothbrush, Floss 55 yd., Floss Picks 75-90 ct., Pre-Cut Floss 50 ct.
-$1 off Oral-B Floss 50 yd +, or Floss Pick, 45-ct+, PG 10/11 (exp 11/30) or PG 11/29
-.75/2 Indicator Toothbrushes PG 10/11, 11/1 (exp 11/30)
~Earn $3rr wyb 2
= FREE wyb 2 floss

$1 RR wyb (2) Band-Aid Bandages at $1.50 ea
incl. Character 20-25 ct.
-3/2 J&J blinkie (found at Publix)
-$.50/1 mq
-$2 off Band-Aid, Licensed Character Bandages, Walgreens Childrens Activity Book
~Earn $1rr wyb 2
=Free w/Activity book q (any mq's stacked with it will be overage) {Activity book q will take off $1.50/each since the items only cost $1.50} then get back $1rr

Ecotrin 45ct. $1.99 w/ in-ad coupon
-$2 off Ecotrin RP 10/11
–$10 off 3 Advantage Products 10/11 {note that this q will beep because it wants a value to be entered- value of the q is $10 and should be entered as such. Difficult casiers may give you a hard time about this}
-$7 off 2 Advantage Products 10/11 {ditto to above}
=FREE or overage if you use one of the $7/2 or $10/3

Kids Dental Care at $2.50 ea
Sesame Street Toothbrush, Zooth Character Toothbrush , Oral-B Stages Toothbrush or Toothpaste 4.2 oz.
-$1 off Oral-B Stages or Zooth Manual or Power Toothbrush PG 11/01 (exp 11/30)
-$1/2 Oral-B Stages or Zooth Brushes PG 11/29
-$1 off Oral-B, or Zooth Toothbrush, Walgreens Children’s Activity Booklet
~Earn $5rr wyb 4 toothbrushes
=Free plus overage wyb 4 and use both mq and Wags q

Glade deal:
~Glade get $1 RR WYB 2/$5
scented oil candles tin .5 oz
scented oil candles refills
-Glade Refill Pack Free (value to $3.99) wyb Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder 11/1/09 SS
-$1.50/1 holder mq found in tins (at my Wags all the tins had q's in them still!)
=$1 oop, wyb one tin and one refill, then earn a $1rr = free after rr

Deals beginning Wednesday

Natrol Acai $4
-$3/1 printable HERE
~earn $4rr
=$1 oop; $3 mm after rr

Goody Ouchless Hair Accesories $2
~earn $2rr
=$2 oop; Free after rr

Dentek Floss/Flosspicks $1.99
-$1/1 Dentek floss, any, 10/11 SS
~earn $2rr
=$1 oop; mm after rr

Soft and Beautiful botanicals $5
~earn $5 rr
=$5 oop; Free after rr

If you shop after Wednesday, there are some nice rolling ops.

Starting with 0 rr's, here's your scenario:
(note that I did not put Ecotrin or Band-Aids in these scenarios. I do not know what q's you guys have, but these both give overage with the right q's, so just make sure you have items to cover the overage. Think, things you need. I bought papers with my overage today. If you need help with a scenario, feel free to post below what q's you have and what you need and I'll help you out)

Transaction 1:
Natrol Acai $4

$3/1 printable mq

=$1+tax oop

earn $4rr

Transaction 2:
Zooth/Oral B tb $2.50
Zooth/Oral B tb $2.50
Zooth/Oral B tb $2.50
Zooth/Oral B tb $2.50
Dentek floss $1.99
Christmas pencil $.13

$1/2 Zooth/OralB mq
$1/2 Zooth/OralB mq
$1/1 Wagsq Zooth (from Children's activity book) x4 = $4
$1/1 Dentek floss mq
Wags in-ad pencil q
$4 rr

Total: $1.12 +tax oop

Earn $5 rr (OralB), $2 rr (Dentek)

Transaction 3
Complete lens solution $7.99
Christmas pencil $.13

$1/1 Complete mq
Wags in-ad q for pencil
$5 rr (OralB)
$2 rr (dentek)

Total: $.12

Earn $8 rr (Complete)

Transaction 4
Goody Ouchless $2
Oral B floss $2.50
Oral B floss $2.50
Natrol Acai $4
$2 worth of something (lol) {you could do the glade deal - tin and refill - if you have the q's for it- it adds $1 to your total, or the dentek if you have the q- or get some stocking-stuffers, etc)

$1/1 Oral B floss mq
$1/1 Oral B floss mq
$3/1 Natrol mq
Wags in-ad q for pencil
$8 rr (Complete)

Total: $0 + tax

Earn $5 rr (OralB), $4 rr (Natrol), $2 rr (Goody)


  1. Note, the zooth tooth brush coupons for $1.00 off expire 11/30.

  2. Oh yes, you're right- that will change the scenarios- I've adjusted to reflect the new $1/2 that came out today. Thanks!

    If you want to use the $1/1 you'd have to do that deal tomorrow.

  3. Will they do this deal?...
    Olay Quench Body Lotion is on sale for $7.99 (page 29) and you get a free In-Shower Body Lotion w/purchase. I have a $4 rr and 2 coupons. $1 on the body lotion and Buy any Olay body wash & get a free body lotion. My idea is to use the BOGO to 'buy' the $7.99 lotion and still get the free in-shower lotion. IOW, I pay for the body wash, get the body lotion free, -$1, and also get the free in-shower. Gosh, it's so simple in my head. Did my explanation make any sense or is it clear as mud? 8-} Will it work? I'll grab another item or 2, of course, to make up for the extra coupon(s). Not sure of the price on the body wash, but it sounds like a great deal to me. 8-]

  4. Sophie- I'm not sure- I've seen that idea posted a few places, but technically, both items are Lotion, not body wash. If it doesn't beep, then you should be able to use it and one $1/1 for the lotion you're getting free with the coupon, giving you two free plus $1 overage, but if it beeps, you may not be able to do it since neither items are body wash. Good luck!

  5. Ah, I knew something went amiss between my head and the keyboard. I would buy the body wash to get the $7.99 body lotion free. The question now is, will that free lotion qualify as 'bought' to get the free in-shower lotion? Maybe the cashier will be so confused, she'll make it work just to get me out of there. LOL! I'll probably get up to town tomorrow. I'll let you know if it works.

  6. OK, the computer beeped me. Idano if the cashier knew what she was talking about, but she said it had worked earlier, so someone had at least tried. Finally, she called the manager, who told her to send me to the cosmetics counter. The cashier there was much less helpful, but did call the manager, who could have told the first cashier the same thing... no deal. As for the $1 coupon, she refused to even try and run it, coz it was technically on the free item. So much for 'the customer is always right'. It's still a good deal, though, coz I only have to buy a $2.99 body wash to get the $7.99 lotion. I might try another store next time I go to the city.

  7. Hey, sweet thang! I hate to keep harping on this, but... I was searching for something else and came across a discussion about this very issue. Some people actually did the deal with no problems at all. Reckon you just have to get a cashier who knows what she's doing. 8-]

  8. I was thinking about getting some yesterday to see if it beeped, but I didn't. Maybe I'll give it a go on Saturday. I'm taking my kids to Wags to have their picture made with Santa. ;)