Friday, November 27, 2009

Holy Black Friday Amazon deals Batman!

Amazon is pulling out all the stops!! Seriously, go and browse to see all the amazing deals.

Just to name a few, there's, Real Simple Magazine subscription for $5 - (there are actually a whole slew of magazines that are $5 right now- Southern Living, People, Cosmo, Popular Science, Smart Money- so if you have gift subscriptions in mind- I'd jump over there today and browse around.)

Or how about a Kitchenaid mixer for under $200 with free shipping? No problem!

Perhaps someone you know has cookware on their Santa wish list. If so, I HIGHLY recommend Calphalon. I am a bit of a Calphalon snob, ever since buying my first piece at Linens-N-Things (where I worked- thank heavens for that 25% discount!) I have not turned back. If you want to give it a try, this set is nearly 60% off!

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