Monday, November 2, 2009

Moneymakers at Wags

Well. I looked at the ad for this week and didn't see a thing I wanted. It's nice to be wrong sometimes. I went in to my favorite Wags today to look for the Almay and my favorite cashier told me about a Lubriderm deal going on for the entire MONTH!! I don't know about you guys, but Lubriderm is one of the best lotions that we can use in my house because we all have sensitive skin. This is one of the best deals I've seen in ages!

First, go to your pharmacy and ask for the "new diabetes booklet". If they hand you one with a pear on the front, that's not it. It's more recent than that and is yellow/green and has a small booklet stapled outside the large magazine. The small booklet says $60 in savings. All Wags q's!

Buy 3 Lubriderm lotions @ $3.79/ea

Use 3 $2/1 mq from 10/11 RP or printable HERE
Use $1/1 Wagsq from the new Diabetes booklet found at pharmacy (will automatically multiply by three)

Total oop: $2.37+tax
Earn $8rr
Profit: $5ish

Then, I stumbled across this deal. It will be YMMV, since you're using two Wags q's from different places, but I tried it today and the register will take them, but your cashier may not. As if we need more Theraflu! ;) Always hand your manufacturer's coupons FIRST!

2 Theraflu Sugar-Free 6-packs $5.00 (weekly sale)

$3/2 mq from 10/25 SS
$2/1 Wagsq from Healthy Savings booklet =$4
$2/1 Wagsq from diabetes booklet (specifically for Sugar-free) =$4

Total oop: Profit $1.00, so get something to eat the overage.
Earn $3rr
**Profit: $4

I am LOVING Walgreens lately!!


  1. I am sooo not feeling Wags this week. And, of course, have expired RRs to hope I can use when I do go.

  2. Don't think I've seen you post this yet...Kleenex are also a money maker this week with the in-ad coupon, healthy savings book and $0.50 printable for 3!