Sunday, November 22, 2009

Target Scrubbing Bubbles deal updated

So I originally posteed abot this deal HERE. I was originally unable to make it work because of the order I handed over the q's at the BAD Target when I posted, but I wanted to let you all know that when I went to the GOOD Target, it worked great. I bought 12 Scrubbing Bubbles- and they all had the $2/2 peelies! (there were tons and tons left too- so no shelf-clearing ;) )

I did the deal in fours- three transactions, and it worked exactly as I said. The cashier was in AWE! LOL!! Young guy, of course. He asked me all sorts of coupon questions and told me if he ever ran into me at Publix he was going to ask me to shop for him. :)

Then, today I put on my big girl britches and went BACK to the BAD Target to try to do the deal (handing the q's in the correct order this time). This store has the Scrubbing Bubbles cheaper, so it was more of a MM. I had two $1.50/2 Target q's left- good for one more deal. I figured if they gave me a hard time I'd just take my q's and go. They didn't! I found a young guy cashier (love them) and he didn't even question it!

I needed California Baby Callendula Cream and it is $11.99 (*gasp*), but with the gift cards I had- I only had to pay $.70 oop. The rest was bought by SC Johnson.

Oh, and since I still haven't gathered my q's for the SC Johnson rebate, I'll use these, making this even MORE of a mm!


  1. Did you get the $5 gift card Q in the Tennessean? My paper came with a different Target coupon: FREE $5.00 Target Gift Card wyb Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. Boo! :(

  2. Jennifer- unfortunately not- it was from the AJC (one of the weeks I had a friend buy them for me). :) I wish I had more of the $1.50/1 q's though- I've got a few of the $5 gc ones left!