Friday, November 13, 2009


I FINALLY found some Glade tins in stock at Target while I was running around looking for Alphabet Pals today.

I don't have the receipts in front of me, but my final was something like...

10 Glade Holiday tins
15 Glade oil Holiday refills
2 Glade Holiday jar candles (this cost more, but I liked the gingerbread scent and I needed another item b/c they were out of holiday refills)
4 Leapfrog Alphabet Pals

Total oop: >$4
With a $5 gift card remaining :) I would have gotten another two $5 gift cards, but unfortunately the last store had 4 tins and no holiday refills. I got the french vanilla refills free wyb the tins, hoping it would generate the gift card, since Glade states this scent is a holiday scent, but it didn't. :( I still got them free, but it wasn't as big of a mm as it could have been.

The deal for the Glade is good through 12/26 supposedly, but I have been unable to find ANY tins in stock. Basically, there are a million coupons out for Glade products, insert q's, blinkies, home mailers, etc.

The best scenario is as follows:

2 Glade Holiday tins $2.50/ea
-(2) $1.50/1 mq
3 Glade Holiday oil refills $2.50/ea
-(2) buy-one-holder-get-one-refill free mq
-(1) buy-two-refills-get-one-refill free mq
= $2 oop total

Earn $5 gc wyb 3 Glade Holiday products. = $3 profit


  1. HI,
    I've been reading the comments on the Alphapals deal on S.Savers and am wondering if you've been able to get it here in Nashville area? Sounds like it- which store? Also, I've been looking for the Glade stuff too, no luck so far but I've only been to one store.

  2. Colleen, I bought mine at the Brentwood store off of 65. I also looked at the Cool Springs store and Rivergate store, but both were sold out.

  3. Thanks, Brandy. That's the one I usually go to and they were sold out of the Glade refills. I checked Cool Springs for the Alpha thing and they were sold out of that. Didn't have a chance to go back to Brentwood. Oh well. Can get ALL the deals!:)


    They are not supposed to let the alphabet pals go through... Read my above post! Quite sad.

    However, I was unable to get one and would really love one and I WAS able to get a few extra Winter Savings booklets.

    Email me:

  5. Bea- They did in fact change the online "price match policy" the second day of that deal!! Lots of people have prints of it from the day before and it's not there. I got lucky since the girl working was clueless and out of five people, none of them even knew how to do a price match period. So they were more concerned about figuring it out than knowing they weren't "supposed" to do the Alphabet Pal. LOL. Oh well, got it done.