Thursday, November 19, 2009

A few Kroger deals

Apparently there's a huge meat sale going on at Kroger right now (be sure to print and take your $.50/1 ground beef coupon - details HERE)

But in addition, a few moneymakers:

Go to cellfire and load the new coupons, specifically the $1/2 Purina cat/dog treats and the $4/1 Scotch fur fighter.

Some Kroger stores have the Fur Fighter on sale for $5.99. Use the $4/1 mq from 11/8 RP and the $4 cellfire q comes off at the end, giving you $2.01 overage.

The Purina Natural Sensations cat treats are supposed to be at Kroger stores, if they have those, grab two bags and use your "free" coupons from 9/27 SS and get $1 overage from the cellfire coupon, comes off at the bottom.

Be sure to pick up a few items to absorb the overage.


  1. Was the meat sale only 4 days, thru Wednesday? Or was that some other stuff? I didn't really pay too much attention, because I need chicken, but I haven't gotten any fresh chicken like Tyson coupons in a verra long time. Can't even tell you the last time I had any. Months, though.

    Guess I could/should look on ebay and find some. Sure as I do, though, there'll be some in next weeks paper.

    I already used up all my Natural Sensations coupons...they wouldn't have deals like this if I still had any, you ken?

    Fur fighter thing looks good...IF the stupid e-coupon comes off...I usually get my bread at Kroger, the old bread for .39 or .49 a loaf. We don't care if it's all that fresh, lol.

  2. I went to 2 Kroger stores today. They had the Fur Fighter starter kits for $8.49, but that's all. Also, neither one had the Purina Natural Selections treats. :(

    Has anybody found them anywhere?

  3. I didn't see any real decent ground beef deals when I was there getting my free healthy life bread the other day. I was able to get a pre-packaged roll of ground beef (the kind where you can't see inside) for 1.00 after my .50/1 ground beef coupon (that says do not double) doubled lol..