Monday, November 2, 2009

Overage at Walgreens

There are not a lot of good deals this week at Wags, but here's a moneymaker that is still working in most stores as of today.

If you're in need of something like diapers or toilet paper, this will give you overage to apply right there. And you don't need any coupons other than what is in every store!

Almay make-up is advertised as Buy One Get One 50%, but many products are actually ringing up bogo.
If you buy two Almay One Coat Mascara (4oz size) at $6.99/ea
These ring up $6.99 and $0.00
Have the cashier scan the $4/1 Wags coupon from the November booklet found in store. This will multiply times however many you purchase, in this case, two, taking off $8.
Result -$1.01.
If you buy ten, that's $5 in overage you can put toward a necessity. The grat part is that the Wags coupons don't "count" so this can also be a filler for rolling your rr's.

Deals like this usually are "corrected" by Walgreens system before the week is out, so if you want to do this, I suggest going as soon as possible. I'm headed out now myself to get some.

If you want to test it before you buy, ask the cashier if they can ring up two and subtotal to see what the second one rings up as. (They can't price check it b/c that will show $6.99 for the one, they have to ring up two). Then you'll know for sure before you do the whole transaction.

Good Luck!


  1. It worked for me! I also bought the Pure Blends Foundation and a Pure Blends Lipgloss at BOGO and got a $10 RR and a $5RR. WOOHOO!

  2. Yay! It actually wasn't working at my store. Rats. But I did find some other deals. Post to come later. :)

  3. I actually went back today and got 2 one coat mascaras free. I use the Q in the November booklet. I can't believe Almay is still ringing up BOGO toay.

  4. Didn't work for me in Fayetteville, GA... :(